What is the Difference Between Rubber Floor Mats and 3D Floor Mats for Cars?

Rubber and 3D Mats for Cars

Car mats play a crucial role in maintaining car hygiene. These days, there are rubber floor mats and 3D floor mats. In this article, we shall discuss the major differences between rubber floor mats and 3D floor mats.

Why Car Mats?

The beauty of your car and your comfort is dependent on the interior of the car. Car mats keep your car floor squeaky clean and improve the appearance of your car. They work as a shield to protect the car floor from dirt, mud, water, twigs etc. This makes car cleaning quite easy. All you need to do is take you’re your mat and shake it. They also help to protect the cargo areas of your car. In addition to this, mats protect the car floor from any wear and tear.

Car mats enhance the interior beauty of your car. Since the mats are available in many designs you buy the one that you find perfect. You can also get custom-fit 3D floor mats for your car. 3D floor mats for cars are versatile and are designed according to the specifications of the car.

But what are 3D floor mats? And how are they different from the rubber mats?

Rubber Floor Mats

As the name indicates these mats are typically made of rubber. They are regular mats that are universal in design.

3D Floor Mats

The 3D floor mats for cars are made up of high-quality material. Unlike rubber mats, they have a custom-fit design.

Difference between Rubber Floor Mats and 3D Floor Mats

There are many factors that make 3D mats different and unique as compared to rubber mats.

1. Cleanliness factor- As compared to rubber mats, 3D mats give more protection from dirt, twigs, and debris. Their unique design holds the dirt in one place. Whereas, rubber mats do not hold dirt at one place. They simply act as a protective layer between the floor and your feet. The dirt that falls on the rubber mat can spread easily onto the car floor.

2. Keeps air Fresh- 3D mats keep the air fresh inside the car as they don’t have a bad odour. Whereas rubber mats can easily get a bad odour that gets more pungent in time.

3. Versatility- As compared to rubber mats 3D mats have more colour and designs. 3D comes in black, beige, tan brown and many more. Whereas, rubber mats have limited colours and designs. Typically, rubber mats are black in colour.

4. Perfect fit with a great finish- Since 3D mats are designed according to the specifications of a car; they fit perfectly onto the car floor. Due to their apt fit, they do not slip providing safety grip while driving. Also, they have a great finish.

5. Water and stain resistant- Unlike rubbers mats, 3D mats have water and stain resistant quality. If you ever spill coffee, juice or tea, then you don’t need to worry anymore.

6. Classy and premium look- 3D mats can give your car a new makeover. They give premium and classy look to the car.

7. Durability and Cost- 3D mats have high cost as compared to rubber mats. Also, they are not as durable as rubber mats. This is the only downside of buying 3D mats. But then on the bright side 3D mats have more advantages over rubber mats.

3D Car Mats Manufacturers in India

Latest technology made it possible to manufacture 3D mats that provide more cleanliness while enhancing the interior of the car. There are a lot of companies manufacturing 3D mats in India. But there are many manufacturers who have mastered the art of manufacturing 3D mats. Combining creativity and technology to manufacture 3D mats is important so that one feels comfortable while driving. Choose such manufacturers and suppliers of 3D mats who understand the importance of comfort and cleanliness. They manufacture and supply best quality 3D floor mats for cars at an affordable price.

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