Using An Excel Valuation Template

Valuation is an important process to estimate the worth or value of a business, project or investment. This is usually conducted by professional appraisers or financial modelers, but this can be simply done by creating a valuation model yourself. With the help of an excel valuation template which you can download from a platform offering financial model templates such as eFinancialModels, you can create one for yourself. The templates are usually made by skilled and experienced financial modeling experts so completing a valuation model will not be too time consuming and also cheaper compared to hiring a professional directly.

eFinancialModels offers a wide range of industry specific financial model templates in excel, made by professionals who knows best when it comes to creating financial models. Included in their financial model templates, aside from the formulas included in the template itself, are graphs or charts which will make your resulting financial model to look more professional, easier to read, and understand. Also, the Excel spreadsheet include a significant number of calculations which allow to easily calculate different financial ratios and look at the business case from all sides.

It is obviously a preferable choice to use an excel valuation template instead of spending too much time in creating one from scratch, or to spend a hefty amount for professional fees just so that you will have a professional valuation model. Plus, having the do it yourself attitude is admirable as you will learn more about financial modeling and in the future, creating a financial model will be a lot faster using the template as the base. To learn constantly and grow at the same time in business management is, after all, one of the goals to be successful in business.

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