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The Sub Zero is celebrated for is obvious in our professional Series refrigerators. Classic design merges with a stunning layout to produce households with an appliance absolutely tailored to fashionable lifestyles and interior décors. The stainless-steel finish will add slightly of sophistication to any kitchen’s theme, however, customers also have the choice of choosing their own doors – another that completely exemplifies the flexibleness and convenience of the Subzero brand.

While they create a bold and delightful statement on the outside, the true magic of associate Subzero refrigerator is on the inside. With a loading capability of quite four hundred liters and a strategic layout to maximize area, these units area unit a perfect possibility for a family of any size. combine all this with intelligent options and it’s simple to see why Subzero is leading the approach in refrigerator style.

Integrated Refrigerator

Integrated refrigerators are the latest trend in high-end kitchen instruments. They provide enough storage and space. You can now plan your kitchen storage needs in such a way that your essentials can be conveniently isolated kitchen.


Sometimes circumstances like the associate upcoming party will cause some overcrowding in even the foremost spacious refrigerators. Every Subzero model solves this quandary due to a convertible additional drawer with separate temperature controls. choose from Deepfreeze, fresh-food or wine mode depending on what’s being housed here quickly.


Different foods need completely different conditions to keep up their optimum flavors and textures. In Subzero refrigerators, each space is correctly closed off, permitting you to make the proper climate for each sort of food and beverage. A compressor and evaporator in each section create it simple to store both frozen and contemporary things properly by controlling temperatures as well as humidity levels.


The cooling drawer in every Subzero refrigerator options associate adjustable divider that may be switched between five positions. This makes storing different-sized things a breeze – we have a tendency to understand you may continually have a spread of foods to store and chill. there is also a slippery tray on top of the cooling drawer to create accessing the things within an easy task

Selecting appliances for a brand new build or kitchen upgrade is an associate exciting time. Progressive manufacturers like Subzero introduce chefs and homeowners to a completely new world of sensible, compatible appliances that reciprocate with the user, as well as the best-integrated refrigerators on the market. If you wish your room to showcase premium products that beat the competition, it’s value visiting your nearest Subzero dealer for Scandinavian-style inspiration.


What area unit the best-integrated refrigerators for 2018/2019?

Integrated Kitchen appliances area unit on trend and a visit to any show-home estate or premium appliance merchandiser can reveal spectacular merchandise value serious consideration. Your absolutely integrated room can deliver spaciousness, cleanliness and seamless reference to benchtops and workstations. The best-integrated refrigerators for 2018/2019 are often hidden from sight whereas still playing with most practicality the least bit times.

Subzero refrigerators area unit high-end performers with incredible energy potency. Your integrated refrigerator door is often matched with existing cabinetry, whereas interior shelves and compartments area unit designed for innovative storage solutions and adaptability to your personal preferences. Not all refrigerators area unit created equal, and if client satisfaction is the gauge, the best-integrated refrigerators for 2018/2019 area unit created by Subzero

What area unit the best options of integrated fridges?

Advanced producing processes, progressive technology, and highest quality materials area unit employed in all Subzero appliance merchandise, as well as integrated fridges. These feature-rich appliances save time, minimize garbage and area unit very simple to clean and maintain. during a world wherever time is cash, Subzero prevents weights throughout the time period of your product. Here area unit a number of the simplest options of integrated fridges from Subzero.

Frost in phase change and cooling compartments.
Convertible Deepfreeze and cooling compartments.
flexible shelves for separate storage of meat, fish, and vegetables
Well-lighted light-emitting diode Deepfreeze compartment.
Removable shelves for cool storage of larger things.
Wine chill compartment with hardwood racks.

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