Trekking In Nepal: Giving You More Than Everything That’s Needed

Once you know Nepal exists, you go trekking in Nepal. Take it as a rule of thumb. Well, this is a theory just propounded by the writer of this article, but once you set foot into Nepal, you will realize no scientific validation is needed once your soul feels so. It is written all over Nepal that it is one of the best places to visit, and as trekking spot, not many places  in the world make you feel like Nepal does.

Nepal has everything you would expect from a trek. From the tallest mountains to the deepest valleys, the landmark will keep you amazed. The tallest mountain, meaning the highest point in the world, Mount Everest is in Nepal, standing at 8848m while at the same time, Nepalgunj, another city in Nepal is only 60m above the sea level. And this amazing geography accommodates itself in a relatively small area of just 147,181 square kilometers. Plenty of hills, plains, eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world, ten world heritage sites, and hundred languages are spoken apart from the national language Nepali, Nepal has things to deliver to people of any background and interest for their trekking. Well, Trekking in Nepal is something that gives you more than everything that’s needed.

Another great part is the cost. A Nepal trek is one of the best journeys you will ever have in your life and doesn’t weigh heavily in your pocket. Nepal is one of the least expensive countries to live in, and also to travel to, so it will be a royal trekking experience to even the ones in a budget. Another thing is the season; you will get a place to trek in Nepal, no matter what time of the year it is.

Just don’t read, pack your bags already. Come to a trek in Nepal, have more than just fun.

Hikers can find a trail for every season. The southern areas of Nepal receive higher rainfall. However, some trails along the Great Himalayan trails are located in the rain shadow, a dry area on the leeward side of a mountain, namely Mustang north of Annapurna and Manaslu, Dolpo north of Dhaulagiri and just west of Nepal to the north of Saipal Himal. After the monsoon, the weather seems to be clearer. The summer is short and the monsoon quickly follows.

However, the rains are not continuous 24 hours a day, and of course the rains bring the flowers to life. It is also a perfect time to consider one of the regions in the rain shadow, which typically has a rather sparse Tibetan landscape as opposed to the greenness of other areas.

It is important for tourists to know that the main source of income for mountain people is tourism, and they usually earn wages that work as trekking carriers or as guides. Hiring a doorman does not mean you are weak, it means that you appreciate the Nepali culture, you provide income to an extended Nepali family, and at the same time you make a friend and trek with a local who is well versed in the local Cultures, festivals and all the other topics that can transform a good journey into an extraordinary experience of a life.

Of course, it is possible to walk alone or without a Nepalese guide, but would you know what you can do in a big storm, with no visibility and temperatures and maybe 5000 m?  Make sure you have all the necessary permits and that you are environmentally and culture conscious.

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