Trailer Tires for Long Distances

Auto tires and trailer tires are different from each other in their functionalities. Auto tires are designed to perform a broad range of functions – transmitting power from the engine, steering and also to veering around the impediments on the road. These tires also need flexible sidewalls to perform all these functions. On the other hand, a trailer is designed to undergo lots of abuse. It has to carry heavy loads, boats, and lot more. This is why they are designed to have different tires and using the same light weight tire for all the trailers, which are meant to tow, can be a safety issue. When you are looking to buy the car tires or even the trailer tires, you would be happy to see the used tires for sale online, but there are certain things you need to be aware of.

Find what you must know about the trailer tires.

Specific tires for different tasks

Yes, even with the trailer tires, you will find the ST or the special tires. They are designed to meet specific requirements of your trailer. They are meant for the heavy duty load capacity. Their load capacity is 105 more than the usual trailer tires, and 40% higher than the passenger car tires. The trailer wheels that are narrow with a shallow tread can be benefited from the special tires.

Sidewall flexing

Sidewall flexing in a trailer tire is negative. If they have a high center of gravity, or if they are meant to carry heavy loads, it can cause the trailer to sway. This is why the passenger car tires or other auto tires can cause the trailer to sway. Because of this, the trailer tires are designed to have stiffer sidewalls and have high operating pressure.

Here is a brief report on the best tires in the industry for your trailers that can help you go long distances.

Goodyear Marathon Radial Tire

This is a special trailer (ST) tire manufactured specifically for the trailer users who are on the move, or we can say it is meant for long distances. The campers, boat trailers, and the 4 wheel trailers are much benefited from these. If your trailers carry anything, like the race car or the race horses to quench your adventure thirst, then go for the Marathon from Goodyear. They have a symmetric tread, and there is also a solid rib in the center. This is meant to offer consistent contact of rubber to the road. The traction and durability are accentuated by the twin steel belts in the tires. Ensure that you do not use these on the light trucks or the cars.

Kenda Loadstar

These tires can fit in almost all the trailers, and come with an affordable cost range. They also sport a catchy eye design. These tires can perform well on both the hot and cold roads.  They also come with a durable design and have the load capacity of 1250 pounds, which is truly amazing. This can be used on a daily basis, and you can depend on it for long distances.

Wheels Express Inc.

If you want a smooth ride on the outdoors, then the Wheels Express Inc. tires are the best. They have a superior construction and look stylish too. They have a load capacity of 1360 pounds, which is stunning, and the universal bolt makes it an excellent choice for all trailers. You can explore the long distances outdoor while enjoying a memorable and smooth drive with these tires.

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