Top farm house near Mumbai

Enjoy the wide view of our entire development of Farm House near Mumbai. Farm houses near Mumbai often have simple yet conformable guest rooms with bathrooms and other essential equipment. Guests can stay in the rooms that are incorporated in the main building or the premises.

Farm    House is a unique family vacation home built in the heart of Mumbai. A splendidly luxurious private farm house, Mumbai is a mansion with fantabulouse views of picturesque mountains and open farm fields. Farm house near Mumbai is the pleasure of enjoying the nature and creation. Each and every Individual’s priority is different and unique. Farm house near Mumbai is the best place for family outing.

Mumbai homes is a unique farm house with decent facilities and services. All the guest rooms in the homes are beautifully structured with all the basic amenities. Kenisha beautifully fulfils that dream of farm house near Mumbai. Being part of Kenisha Holiday Homes, each villa is like a farm house near Mumbai.


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