Tips to Encounter for Your First Trimester

Yes the initial levels of excitement would have faded down, the time has come important where you need to focus on yourself along with the health of the baby. A baby growth week by week during pregnancy videomight give you an idea on what can be expected. Your first reaction would be to pick up the phone and get in touch with your doctor for a prenatal appointment. Research does reveal the fact that mothers who did not receive prenatal care had high chances of their babies being born with a birth defect. All the more for you to opt for a prenatal appointment.

Beyond the first visit and more

When it is a normal pregnancy you would be meeting your doctor every month till about the 6th month. During the 7th and the 8th month it reduces to a couple of times during the month and then in the 9th month on a weekly basis for labor.

It is during your first visit the doctor is expected to conduct a detailed medical examination. As part of the full physical exam you are going to receive a pelvic exam and a history of your previous pregnancies would be studied in details. The health care provider is going to test you for any sexually transmitted diseases. You are expected to be given a due date that is roughly around 266 days from the date of your last period. If this is not the case the due date can be calculated with the help of an ultrasound.

During the course of each visit you will be weighed and a count of your blood pressure is expected to be taken.

Prenatal tests

Once you reach the end of the first trimester and in the starting stage of the second trimester, the health care provider is going to ask you to be part of several prenatal tests in order to determine the condition of the developing baby. A baby growth video during pregnancy could be a precise indicator in this regard. The essence of this test is that you are emotionally sound eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new born baby.

Whom and when to tell

Ideally you would want to be dropping an email to everyone in your address book, but a better suggestion would be to relax and take a deep breath. Let the baby settle as the first three months are the most anxious ones as chances of miscarriage increase. In addition you might even have to think on how you can break the news to your employee. A lot of work goes in the background on how to cope up with pregnancy situations.

Now the question is how are you feeling? The first trimester of pregnancy is the time where you can encounter symptoms of morning sickness and nausea. Let us cope up with the issue of fatigue first. Do not try to be a super woman and try to listen in what your body is trying to convey to you.

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