Tips for Artists: How to Put Up Art for Sale Online?


The Odyssey of an artist is filled with challenges and obstacles. Not every artist gets the expected fame and in fact, those who are fortunate to win a recognition have to face a long road of hurdles and hindrances before they shine.

Still, the situation for artists has improved quite dramatically in the last two decades. With technology now playing a major role in making the world a smaller place, art sector just like the other industries benefitted a lot from the advancements that occurred in the last few years.

If you are an artist, you know what I am talking about. You won’t die starving even if you don’t get representation from a famous art gallery. Also, to get famous, you don’t need to rely on the art collectors to notice you or a museum owner to refer you or something like that.

This is the world of digital platforms where transactions of millions of dollars are happening on the web. The increased security and emergence of thousands of trade platforms have empowered artists to attain success and money without any help from the references (even though having a connection with eminent personalities in the art community will help for sure). An artist looking to put up an Indian art for sale doesn’t have to seek the help of anyone else.

If you still don’t know what I am talking about, take a look at the following tips that would help you to put art for sale on the web. Let’s start:

Wield Social Media

With the burst of the internet, the emergence of various social networking sites happened. This opened up the doors for limitless opportunities for artists. The main power of social media is the presence of billions of people on it.

Social media daises like Facebook has around billions of users on its base and artists can harness this colossal power strategically to earn some revenue and visibility. You can create a page with your own name or the brand name under which you are promoting your artwork and showcase your paintings there. By using relevant keywords and quality content, you can increase the audience base for your work.

Along with this, there are image-sharing platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, where you can start your online studio type account. Both platforms offer the facility to specifically open up a business account. Your social media page on these accounts will work as a virtual shop. By using relevant hashtags, you can make your work, posts, and profile visible to relevant people looking to buy such paintings.

Then there is Twitter, the online booster for brands and businesses. You are an artist and suppose you want to put up an Indian art for sale. All you have to do is tweet your website’s page, Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest’s posts, or your art blogs here. Again, you need to utilise relevant hashtags that would help your tweet to be visible to maximum people.

Write an art blog

Writing about your artworks, about your inspiration, about your techniques is always an excellent way to draw more people. Art lovers, collectors, and experts love to read about artists’ experience. When a good number of follower list is made, you can put up your works on the blog by sharing the link of your social media profiles, websites, etc. A lot of art collectors reach out to the artists through their blog.

Make a website

This is the basic necessity. You cannot expect to shine on the social media if you are just hopping around the social media profiles and art blogs. There has to be a website that contains your information and showcases your paintings. The links of this website will be shared by you on different online mediums. Art lovers find an artist more credible and trustworthy who has websites of their own. So, do not make the mistake of overlooking this aspect.

Collaborate with an online gallery

Online galleries have emerged on the internet in the last 7 years or so. This is another superb way using which you can put up your work for sale. For an instance, there are quite many prominent online galleries that have Indian art for sale. All you need to do is visit these galleries and submit your work. Contact only the reputable and credible galleries.

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