The Ultimate Guide of Buying Silver Coins


You Investment in coin can’t be complete without buying Silver coins. Like other gold coins, it is one of the best safest investment in any financial situation. Silver has some unique features that made it so valuable for thousands of years. Nowadays the value of the silver coin is increasing and keep its value of reputation and provide protection & profit among the investors. In this guide, we will be discussing several points on buying the silver coin.

Why Purchase Silver Coin When You Can Purchase Gold Coin?

In the era of modern advancements, silver is used in many industrial areas while gold has practically no industrial applications. For example, you can find silver in your laptops and mobile phones. That means the demand for silver will not drop soon and the rate is maintaining steady growth. Another reason is the price. Silver coin price is much less than a gold coin. So if you have a small investment, then you can invest in silver coin. Also, you can always be aware of which time is best for the investment (September and November especially).

How to Purchase Silver Coins

Please follow the steps…

  1. First of all, determine the value of the silver coin by comparing an online coin melt calculator
  2. Find out how many related coins were created.
  3. Determine the condition of the coins.
  4. Examine the demand of the series.
  5. Note any historical importance.
  6. Choose a reputable dealer like
  7. Check the current market price of silver before buying.
Best Silver Coins to Purchase

Here are some valuable silver coins which can make your investment safe and secure. Consider these:



  1. Canadian Silver Maple Leaf: Released seasonally by the Government of Canada and created by the Royal Canadian Mint. This silver coin is 99.9% pure and a legal tender. The nominal value of this silver coin is five Canadian dollars. The front of this Silver Maple Leaf coin is designated with the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II. A maple leaf—the national representation of Canada is imprinted on it its back.
  2. Silver Perth Mint: The Perth Mint is Australia’s official bullion mint and fully maintained by the Government of Western Australia. Among all the series, here are some honorable mentions: Five Blessings, Kangaroo Coins, Koala Series, Kookaburra Series, etc.
  3. Great Britain Britannia: This is a comparatively new coin, in 1997 the silver Britannia was first launched by the Royal Mint and has tax benefits for citizens of the UK. Since 2013, the purity of this coin is 99.9%. The silver bullion version of the coin always emphasizes the classic standing Britannia. 2017 1 oz Great Britain Britannia .999 Silver Coin BU and 2018 1 oz Great Britain Britannia .999 Silver Coin BU are the latest edition of this series.

What to Avoid When Purchasing Silver Coins
Here are some tips to avoid when buying Silver coins:

  1. Check spot price and avoid counterfeits
  2. Do not buy from an unauthentic and unrealistic store for lesser prices. Always look for an authentic store before buying bullion coins.
  3. Do not depend on eBay and Craigslist. There’s no guarantee that the sellers will sell you counterfeit bullion coin.

Hopefully, these guidelines will make your silver coin buying experience more smooth and easy.

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