The Increase in Traction of IBM Cognos Training


Almost every manager would agree that the two biggest challenges of business intelligence are actually reporting the findings to the relevant people and taking the decisions that really matter based on those reports – that is, if you aren’t equipped with the right kind of tools and training! While the word “analytics” might seem dreadful at first, with the state-of-the-art BI-related technologies of today (like IBM Cognos) the process has become significantly easier. Enterprises around the globe are slowly but gradually mastering the art of big data and realizing its massive potential. Owing to the need to keep up with competitors, many organizations and individuals alike are investing in IBM Cognos Training offered by ExistBI!

But what makes IBM Cognos so special? Why are more and more organizations enrolling their staff in the training classes covering this BI platform? And more importantly, why is ExistBI the number one choice for hundreds of trainees? In this article, we will hopefully answer all of these questions and explain how you can benefit from investing in its training.

Overview of IBM Cognos

Created by the International Business Machines Corporation, IBM Cognos is an exceptional business intelligence suite that provides users with swift reporting, scorecarding, monitoring, and analytics capabilities. The best thing about IBM Cognos is that it brings all of the crucial BI activities on a single web-based location, is supported by most browsers, and integrates smoothly with on-premise applications! The entire suite consists of a myriad of components, each serving a different purpose. Here is a list of some of those components, along with the functions they serve:

  • IBM Cognos Connection – Used for content management
  • IBM Cognos Insight – Used for sharing and analyzing data via fully managed workspaces
  • IBM Cognos Workspace Advanced – Provides interactive workspace and simpler reporting capabilities
  • IBM Cognos Report Studio – Used for generating multi-query reports
  • IBM Cognos Event Studio – Used to manage and monitor events
  • And many more!

Reasons to Select ExistBI for IBM Cognos Training

Now that we have highlighted the key components and features of IBM Cognos, let us throw light on some solid reasons to select ExistBI for getting trained in the use of the platform. Let’s start!

  • We Have Partnered Up with IBM

The first reason to choose our expert IBM Cognos trainers is that we are trusted IBM partners, specialized in providing consulting, training, and implementation services in different regions.

  • We Provide the Best Learning Material

Another tempting reason to go for ExistBI’s training classes on IBM Cognos is that we provide the latest learning material, a proper classroom environment, and, not to mention, a hands-on experience to ensure that the trainees can implement whatever they learn in their respective organizations.

  • We Shape the Curriculum According to Your Requirements

One thing which we, at ExistBI, excel at is providing fit-for-purpose curriculum based solely on the special requirements of your project and organization, so you get to learn about the components which are relevant to your needs.

To Conclude…

The many components of the IBM Cognos BI Suite have the capability to take your data analysis and reporting activities to the next level. And the best place to master these components is ExistBI! Watch this video on a case study for the University of Southern California for more information:



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