The Hair Layer That Keeps The Baby Safe And Sound In Your Womb

So now the long wait is over and now you are a new mom. You may be worried about the skin of the baby and hair growth on it. You may find some hair on the body. You may be worried about this thick layer on the body of your baby but do not worry they are temporary.  These hairs are known as baby lanugo and they can be removed if you take care. You may find them on baby’s neck, hands and even on the face. It is absolutely normal to have this.

What Is Baby Lanugo?

Firstly you need to understand what is baby lanugo? The hair on the baby’s body is called as lanugo. There is no need to remove it and it will go off naturally after a few days or weeks.  You need not rub the hair as they may annoy the baby. If your baby is premature then the chances of having lanugo are more. The growth of the body hair starts in pregnancy itself. The hair layer will be visible if your baby has a dark skin. This works as a safety cover for the baby. The skin of the baby is layered with a layer that looks like wax.  This layer is known as vernix. This layer will not only protect the baby but also it will keep the baby warm. This will also provide moisture to the skin and make the skin soft and shining. This will also facilitate easy movement for the baby.

 When It Gets Started 

This starts right from the pregnancy. This will keep the baby safe in the womb. You need to first understand what is lanugo in pregnancy.Moreover it will also help to get rid of any impact of the amniotic fluid on your baby. Also there are a few problems that your baby may face due to this hair. As the baby grows, the hair may grow rapidly and that may look ugly. The body hair is observed in toddlers when they are suspected with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia. It signals a deficiency   in your baby. It may also result into lots of production of the androgen which is a male hormone. CAH can also cause low sodium levels in your blood. This may have a direct effect on the heath of the baby. Not just male but even female babies can also get affected with this.

How These Hairs Can Be Removed Safely

There are some easy and safe remedies that can help you to remove the hair. You can give baby a massage that can help. You need to do that gently with baby oil. This will easily remove the hair from their roots. You can make use of some creams for this. You can also use the gram flour and apply that on the skin of the baby. This will naturally remove these hairs and prevent the hair growth. Just remove the hair in the easiest manner.

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