The Classification of Hand Tools and Their Important Variants

There is a long list of hand tools that we use daily, and these are also immensely useful to the professionals in the electronic, building, construction, woodworking and other industries.

The term “hand tool” denotes all the tools that are not powered by the motor but by hand. These tools have gradually evolved during the past centuries from their basic and crude predecessors – they are now a valuable part of our daily lives and help us accomplish many of the daily tasks and professional jobs. The hand tools have also been classified in various categories and their use does require some amount of expertise and know how. It is important to select the right tool for a specific job so that the efficiency, quality, and other aspects are not adversely affected. We can classify hand tools in the following classes:

  • Tools for laying- Including the measuring and marking tool
  • Impact tools- Including hammers and sledge
  • Tools for cutting metals- Including drills, flies, reamers, taps, and punches
  • Holding tools- such as pliers, clamp, and vices
  • Finishing and abrasive tools
  • Grinding and sharpening tools

Important hand tools

While there are quite a large number of hand tools, some of these are more important and we use them on a more frequent basis in our daily life. Some of these important hand tools that help us solve many of our purposes are given below.

Wrenches- A wrench is typically used for grabbing, fasting, or unscrewing the nuts and different kinds of fasteners, in various measurements. The torque wrench can be relaxed and fixed and provides for a very fine grip. The mechanical advantage is crucial towards applying torque or rotating force.

Screwdrivers- Screwdrivers can screw and unscrew the screws easily and without much effort. The electrical screwdrivers are powered by a battery or through AC plug and do not require any application of force. Some screwdrivers also provide for the replacement of tips, so that a single screwdriver can screw or unscrew screws of many different sizes and types. The basic screwdriver price is quite low.

Pliers- These are used for holding objects firmly and can be used to compress or bend many different kinds of materials. A plier typically has a jaw on one of its end and the long handles on the other. The built and arrangement can amplify the force that is applied. Professionals often carry the plier for cutting, twisting or splicing wires, while it serves many other functions as well.

Channel Locks- The channel locks can be termed as the more sophisticated and evolved form of a plier and are also called as the “tongue and groove” plier. The lower jaw located at one end of the plier can be better confirmed and precisely set to the size of an object like nut or material.

Clamp- A clamp also works as a fastening device. It can hold the objects together very tightly and does not allow their movement through an inward application of force

Bradawl- This hand tool has applications towards woodworking. It has a wooden hand and pointed metallic end. The tool can be used for driving the screws inside the wood.

Crescent Wrench- The jaw size of the crescent wrench is flexible, unlike the crude/basic wrenches. The wrench has a corkscrew, which is randomized for reaching out to the desired size of the jaw.

It is important to check your hand tools before actually commencing on a project. Source/buy the hand tools from reliable online suppliers to ensure their reliability, safety, and longevity.

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