Stop Cyberbullying by Spying on WhatsApp Messenger

Whatsapp Spying

Cyberbullying or online harassment is currently the most common threat prevailing in the world of social media. It is not uncommon to receive annoying messages, embarrassing comments on social media posts and offending statuses. The widespread adoption of social media and instant messaging apps has made it convenient to humiliate,

harass and hurt somebody’s feelings openly before the world. The bullying is more common among teenagers and can have horrible impacts on sensitive children. A cyberbullying victim may suffer from fear, anxiety, depression, low self-confidence, and even suicidal thoughts. Many bullying victims have lost their lives after being consistently targeted by the bullies.

Many bullying victims do not inform their parents that they are being targeted by bullies. They do so because they think their parents will not understand them or take their privileges of using a mobile phone, computer or internet back. This keeps parents from providing support to their kids and taking the necessary steps against the bully.

In these circumstances, monitoring plays its role. The cell phone and social media monitoring of children enables parents to remain aware of their kids’ online activities. It keeps them updated about their kids’ favorable and unfavorable experiences on social networking platforms. This article discusses the role of monitoring applications in preventing cyberbullying.

WhatsApp Messenger and Cyberbullying

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WhatsApp is the most commonly used instant messaging application worldwide. The app has replaced traditional default text messaging apps by offering more innovative features. It allows exchanging instant messages, photos, videos, voice recordings, locations, stickers, emoticons, document files, and links. The app also offers audio and video one-on-one and group calling.

You can have your account on WhatsApp if you have a smartphone and internet access. The app does not ask for any personal information except a valid mobile phone number. Anyone having your mobile phone number can find you and send a message on WhatsApp.

This is from where the problem starts. The bullies usually have your cell phone numbers and they start blackmailing you via WhatsApp like platforms. These platforms allow them to keep their identities hidden. An anonymous bully can make the bullied suffer more because anonymity enhances the fear.

WhatsApp Monitoring App

There are monitoring applications that enable parents to supervise the WhatsApp activities of their children. They can check out the WhatsApp chats of their teens to ensure they are not being targeted by bullies. If you find someone sending harassing messages to your kid, you can take serious actions about it. But make sure these actions are against the bully and not the victim.

You cannot protect your kid from bully by snatching his mobile phone or computer. It will only prevent your kid from sharing his problems with you he may face in future.

Monitor WhatsApp Messages

The WhatsApp monitoring app enables parents to get access to the incoming and outgoing messages of their children without accessing their mobile phones. The monitoring app syncs all the WhatsApp messages stored on the mobile phone of your kid and uploads these messages to the online spy account.

You can log into that spy account and read all messages there. It also grants you access to the contact numbers of the message senders or receivers. If there is any bullying message in your kid’s inbox, the spy app will let you know and inform you about the bully.

Monitor WhatsApp Photos & Videos

The messenger allows exchanging photos, stickers, videos and voice recordings. Parents can track all media files received and sent by their children via WhatsApp messenger. Just like messages, the spy app also syncs the WhatsApp media files and uploads to the spy app account. Parents can see and download these files to find out bullying content.

Record WhatsApp Activities

The high-tech WhatsApp spy app lets you track every single activity performed on instant messenger. You can direct the spy app to show you the activities performed by your kid on WhatsApp. You can take screenshots of the cell phone of your teens by sending a remote command via online control panel of spy app.

By spying on WhatsApp messenger you can find out the bullying material on your kid’s mobile phone. The spy app also lets you know about the bully so you can take the necessary steps to protect your child from the bully.

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