Staging your house- simple ways

Staging your house- simple ways

The first thing we notice about any building is the exterior. The façade is important to make the all-important first impression. If you’re serious about staging your house, start from the outside first. If you have a garden, make sure the plants are well-tended and watered. Trim the lawn and any foliage there might be.

Look at the walls, doors, window shutters and mailbox. Do they need a coat of paint? Paint them.  How does the roof appear? Do some of the shingles or tiles need replacement? The chimneys might need some work too. Clean out the rain gutters and drain pipes.

Now, move into the house. To start with, what furniture and decoration items would you deem too personal? Anything that you’d like the buyer not to see? Maybe the heirloom crystal that’s too precious to be displayed for strangers. Or the comfortable bean bag that’s frayed and old. There may be the scuffed coffee table that’s perfect to put your feet up. Go through the entire house. Now, find a place to put all the stuff away till the staging is over. A great idea is to rent storage units Oakland and put all your things there. Make sure you go to a reliable storage facility with great security and offers.

Staging your house- simple ways

Once you’ve put your stuff away, you can focus on making the house ‘staging ready.’ Add details that are suitably impersonal. Generic wall art or you can go with the ones you already have as long as they are not the children’s art and homemade murals. Table and mantelpiece ornaments minus the Christmas cards and trophies. Popular fruit that your guests can help themselves to and flowers with a pleasant fragrance can all create a warm ambience.

Move out to the backyard now. If you have a pool, make sure it’s clean. If you have a barbeque pit or grill, make it inviting. If there’s a backyard sit out or bar, you might want to put away the booze or you might have an impromptu party on your hands! Paint the privacy wall or fence, if you have a paving path, let it be clean and moss-free.

A few simple things to keep in mind- while your entire house needs to be spotlessly clean, pay special emphasis to the bathroom and kitchen. These are spaces that make or break an impression. Make sure there are enough fresh towels in the bathroom and new soap. Some potpourri can add a touch of perfume to any place. In the kitchen, make sure that the counters are wiped clean, the equipment, like the microwave and dishwasher are spotless and empty and the floors are crumb-free.

Repairs are an important part of staging a house. If there are serious concerns, address them before the staging. Problems with foundation, mould, and plumbing are all no-no’s while staging a house. The buyer should either be apprised of the situation or be given a guarantee that issues will be fixed before the final sale. Being upfront can save you a lot of trouble at the later stages of discussion.

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