Payment Gateways List for your WordPress site [2018]


Payment Gateways List for your WordPress site [2018]

The main key to selling Services or products online is Gateways. Online selling needs virtual channels to get payments.

If you are using WooCommerce you have a lot of Gateway plugins.  All you have to just pick a right one for your online store.

In this Article, We’ll introduce you to the best 5 Woocommerce Payment Gateways. Let’s have a look.


Paypal is the most popular online gateway plugin. On the business point of view, Paypal pro payment processing service supports customers with or without accounts on the platform. Adding a new feature in PayPal now it has plenty of benefits like Multi-Account Management, Potential to force Guest Checkout, Multiple payments at a time, Billing Agreements, User is guaranteed to finish back on your site. All payment methods in one plugin.


To Start Stripe Offers for your store, these are the advantages-

Stripe’s fees are far less than the others for a small level of payment under $10.

A buy button for mobile apps.

Amazing feature with reporting tools and customizable checkout.

Free development tools, Seller protection.


Square gateway has Several Advantages like for mobile readers it has more features(offline mode), Amazing synchronization with your online store.

Square has free POS software.

Amazon Pay

Amazon pays free and easy to set up. By introducing the Amazon API gateway it gives a strong connectivity to services with consumers. Buyers dealing with amazon pay take place in more featured widgets so that they never leave your site.

With Amazon pay, you don’t need to worry about the type of payment or card. Amazon pay gateway is free and easy installation. Using the Amazon pay plugin you can increase conversion and sales growth. It reduces cost woo the customers and fraud protection security reduces charge-backs. It supports lower payment processing fees for non-profits & International sales.

Amazon pay API gateway provides you a economical pricing & No add during the free period. gateway widely known for their easy payment processing. It allows the e-checks facility with an optional check account.

Enhanced payment method with retina ions which automatically detects the formats of a card.

Provides the facility of refunds, fraud prevention & data security.


Let your customers easy & quick checkout with 2checkout gateway plugin. 2checkout offers are relevant to the home country of the customer and they can select the country right from the checkout pricing page. It’s PCI level 1 certified which promise the best security features without any fraudulent activity.

Some other benefits of using 2checkout gateway are In-store & Mobile functionality, Countries served.


Alipay Cross-Border payment gateway allows you to understand the Chinese market. 700 million users, Alipay is the paramount payment gateway plugin in China. Here we are introducing some key features-

  • Fully Integrated to woocommerce.
  • The merchant can use free test transactions by Alipay test account.
  •  Includes Comprehensive documents.


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