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With the impact of Industrialization and modernization, it has helped the lives of thousands of individuals in Qatar. Development in different parts has attracted many occupation searchers towards this city year after year. Therefore, job opportunities in Qatar have expanded immensely. Since fresher don’t know about the corporate world. In this way, they discover challenges while picking a decent career option.

Below are the lists of the major sectors a fresher candidate can go for choosing his/her career.


Information and technology is a developing division that offers much-secured occupations to those with sound specialized abilities and not less than a four-year certification in an IT-related field. From support to engineering, there are bunches of specializations that arrangement with the different aspects of data innovation.


  • To set workstations with PCs and fundamental peripheral gadgets (switches printers and so forth.)
  • Checking of PC equipment (HDD, mouses, keyboards and so on.) on a general premise to guarantee its usefulness.
  • Installation and configuration of appropriate software and their legitimate working according to the specifications.
  • To guarantee security and protection of different workstations.



Sudden harm or loss to your prized possession can happen whenever, anyplace. So, to compensate the amount individuals frequently apply for the insurance company. Therefore, the number of employees in the insurance sector extremely expanded. We will go through the some of the jobs in an insurance sector.

  • General Insurance Technician

·        Insurance Advisors

  • Insurance Settlements

·        Insurance Investigators

Job seekers can opt for any of the above-mentioned profile as per his/her interests and qualifications.

There are numerous occupations in the BPO sector. The work profile incorporates going to the call of a client, to make calls, customer support, making deals, or client retention for the collection of dues. The short description of occupations that this industry provides is listed below:

  • Voice Process

Voice processes can be either inbound or outbound. Inbound calls manage the greater part of approaching calls. These are the calls that a client or prospects make.

In outbound procedures, calls are to be made keeping in mind the end goal to create deals or perhaps to collect dues.

  • Non Voice Process / Back Office

Making contact with the different center isn’t sufficient. Information handling work and regulatory tasks are also needed to be performed in an outsourcing. It might incorporate making reports, planning spreadsheets of day by day deals, information section in specific software and so forth.

  • Semi Voice Processes

Semi voice processes are the same as to the voice process but there is a little difference between them. The difference is that in addition to handling calls, they sometimes may have to send emails or to provide chat support, and also have to send fax etc.

  • Team Lead

There are numbers of vacancies for the position of the team leader. Team leader handles a certain department or manages the team to increase the productivity of the organization and they keep team members motivated.

  • Other Jobs

Apart from the above job profile, there are also numbers of other jobs available such as voice accent trainers, quality managers, and other management positions.

In a nutshell, there are plenty of jobs in Qatar. So, all you need to do is to enhance your skills. For more jobs, you can even rely on Monster Gulf which is one of the leading job portals in Gulf which provides numbers of jobs to the job seekers. To avail the benefits you just have to register yourself on the portal an upload your updated resume on the website and apply for the job now!






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