Living in Dubai as an expat 101

modern classroom

Living in Dubai as an expat is a very unique experience. Dubai is a city like no other. It is modern and luxurious. Everywhere you turn you will see nicely dressed people with expensive cars. Not to mention the expensive restaurants, shops with designer clothes, and many other things you don’t normally see everywhere around you. Depending on where you are coming from, you might be culturally shocked when you first move to Dubai. To prevent that from happening to you, we decided to tell you some things about Dubai before you start living in Dubai as an expat.

Everything is expensive

In order to live in Dubai, you need a well-paying job. Dubai is crazy-expensive. It is very luxurious. Even the cheapest real estate looks amazing and modern. Groceries are expensive. Bills are also expensive. You simply have to have a lot of money to live in Dubai normally. But one surprising fact about this luxurious city is that there is no income tax. So no matter how much money you are making, you won’t have to pay tax. Which means the paychecks are bigger too. But even then, the cost of living is much higher than anywhere else. If you have a company, moving your business to Dubai is not an idea you will regret.

wallet with money
Spending a lot of money in Dubai is simply inevitable.

Dubai is very safe

Dubai is one of the best cities for families as it is one of the safest cities in the world. There are security cameras everywhere and the police drive fast cars. Everyone in Dubai is nice and earns their money legally. There is also no need for any physical conflicts as you can get a lot of jail time which is not good at all. That is why many families with children have decided to move to Dubai.

Amazing schools

On top of it being the safest city in the world, Dubai has schools like no others. Education is very important and that is why these schools only hire the best teachers. The way the teachers work with children is innovative and very educational. But these schools are also very expensive and that is why there aren’t a lot of children in one class. And this was proven to work better in teaching. Classes in Dubai are equipped with computers that make learning new things more fun.

modern classroom
Modern classrooms in Dubai make teaching easier and learning faster.

If you aren’t working, don’t worry about what you can do while your children are at school. There are plenty of possibilities. We will give you just some of them.

Endless entertainment possibilities

Like we already mentioned before and you already know it yourself, Dubai is a luxurious city. This also means that there are plenty of things that you can do if you have some free time. There are so many reasons why you should at least visit Dubai as soon as possible. Shopping malls in Dubai look better than some museums around the world. And if you are looking to spend some cash on expensive items, Dubai is the place to be. Every designer brand has a store in Dubai for obvious reasons. People who live in Dubai or are visiting it have a lot of money. If you would like to go to the cinema, there are plenty of them. You can even rent out a whole screening room for yourself if that is what you would like to spend your money on. With the newest technology and an amazing surround sound systems, watching a movie in a cinema in Dubai is going to feel more like you are in the movie rather than you are watching it. 

There are also hundreds of pools you can go to, open and closed during both day and night. It is the perfect way to cool down in the heat. The beaches are also very clean and beautiful if you prefer the beach more. There is even an indoor ski-center in Dubai. Skiing in the middle of the desert. How crazy does that sound? You can also hire the best Dubai Personal Trainers and stay in shape.

The Ski Slope in Dubai
This is the Ski Slope in Dubai.

Long working hours

We have to mention at least one flaw of this amazing city. Working hours in Dubai are very long. You will start your work early in the morning and finish when the sun is setting. But that is another reason why the salaries are much higher. And finding a job in Dubai is very hard. Not because there aren’t many job opportunities but because employers only want the best employees.

While we are talking about the flaws of Dubai, here are a few more of them:

  • Traffic can be horrible.
  • Unbearably hot weather from June to September.
  • You will be under the air cooler 24/7.
  • Unmarried couples are not allowed to live together.
  • Dubai is a building site.
  • Inflation is massive in Dubai.


Living in Dubai as an expat is fun if you have a lot of money. If you don’t, Dubai isn’t for you then. But there are plenty of reasons to at least visit Dubai. You will have fun even though it is too hot outside as there are plenty of indoor activities that you can do. If you want the best for your children, living in Dubai is recommended as some of the best schools are located in Dubai. At first, you might not fit in but once you get a better glimpse of the Dubai lifestyle you will feel like you are home.

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