Learning Arabic is Fascinating at Islamic Saturday school London

The Arabic language is exciting and captivating in many ways. This magnificent language also has a sacred character for Muslims, because it is the one that Allah has chosen to send men His last Revelation. The Arabic language has very special characteristics, which are taught in Islamic Saturday school London like Olive Tree Study.

These include the unparalleled richness of the Arabic vocabulary: so there would be, according to specialists of the Olive Tree Study, an Islamic Saturday school in London there is a multitude of words to describe the honey, the lion, the camel, the sword and many other things. Each name is intended to describe a quality, a step or an aspect of the thing that is cited. Among the peculiarities of the Arabic language is also its alphabet.

The Arabic alphabet, writing Arabic letters: a real fascination

The letters of the Arabic alphabet are truly fascinating. That’s why so many people have spent hundreds or even thousands of hours of their lives on their calligraphy, that is to say, to write the Arabic alphabets elegantly and ornately.

How to write the Arabic alphabet?

Before talking about writing the Arabic alphabet, it’s important to mention that learning to read and write Arabic is extremely easy, despite prejudices. Indeed, learning to read and write Arabic resides almost exclusively in learning the alphabet. Astonishing, no? This is because in Arabic there are no syllables. Each letter will be pronounced independently and will be accompanied by a diacritical sign if the vocalisation is necessary. Finally, know that there are only three vowels in Arabic.

To read and write the Arabic letters correctly, you must master the different writings of each letter. Indeed, Arabic letters have three positions and four scripts. Fortunately, these different spellings are very similar in most cases.

• Writing at the beginning of the word
• Writing in the middle of the word
• Two writings at the end of the word: an attached handwriting and an isolated writing

How to pronounce the letters of the Arabic alphabet?

Arabic is a Semitic language and is characterised by the predominant presence of triliteral roots and the use of laryngeal, guttural and emphatic consonants.

In order to acquire a good pronunciation of this type of letter, it is important to call for an Islamic Saturday School London who has Arab teaching experts and studied Arabic literature. In particular, prefer those who master the psalmody of the Quran text because they know better than anyone the exit points of all letters.

Learning Arabic would be really a fun thing for your kids if you make them join weekend Islamic Saturday School London like Olive Tree Study. The weekend school emphasises on teaching the Arabic language to the younger kids to bring them close to the Islamic culture.

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