A collection of 30+ pork rind recipes featuring all the glorious potential of finely pulverized pork rinds / chicharrones in the form of our Pork Panko breadcrumbs – Keto / AIP / Mostly Allergen-Free and Carb-Free

We like doing the classics here at Bacon’s Heir. The dishes you have good memories of, or get cravings over. When we decided to remix the ever classic meatball, we wanted to keep it simple and delicious– all natural ingredients, made with care.

These meatballs can be roasted in the oven, which will brown and caramelize that deep flavor, or they can be simmered in a sauce. Perfect for a cozy spaghetti dish when you’re feeling like Italian, or even those zucchini noodles if that’s your thing. Here we used a mix of beef and pork, but feel free to play around with the meat mix– chicken, veal, hot sausage, or even chorizo into the bowl would be fantastic. We’ve even had them as a tapas side dish alongside some roasted red peppers. Does it get any better?

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