Is Your Closed Source LMS Losing You Money?

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Once upon a time when I dealt with the specially closed source learning management system. I was consulting with some of the world’s largest brands on my e-learning programs, and because of the failure, they all did not care about their education management system.

When asked why he did not change the providers, the answer was simple: we can not He signed a multi-year (multi-million dollar) contract with the provider. They were trapped.

But they were trapped in more than one way.

With organizational needs change over time and thus training is needed. It was impossible to get new functionality from its LMS and often came with a heavy price tag. Their LMS could not grow with their business. Rather than being a property, this obstacle starts to form.

Closed source LMS options will try to frighten you.

I have seen and read hundreds of LMS options in the coming years. I have read all the sales copy, features, promises, and marketing. One of the most difficult obstacles to removing closed source LMS is the fact that their solutions cannot be compatible with the specific teaching requirements of an organization.

This is not the case with the open source of the course. If you need a feature, you can modify the code (or easily find someone to do this). Also, in the case of WordPress, you often need to get a minute plugin and activate it. Need a forum? okay, no problem. Install Forum Plugin and you are good to go.

Such feature flexibility in the closed source world is unheard of. Now, I will accept that they are getting better by offering APIs and popular integration options. I also think that with open source “what is possible on the other side of the fence”, it became a necessity.

But close flexibility is essentially limited in the closed source world. So to counter this, I have seen a common trend of trying to label open source as less secure. It is a silly argument but these businesses have very good copyright writers and can assure the claim firmly.

Some people would say that your content (like video) can be stolen or downloaded. it is not true.

Others claim that sensitive data will be mined. Again, not a reliable claim. It is not that one is more secure than the other. The truth is that proprietary software solutions and open source options to share the same risk.

Determining if open source aligns with your business.

While I’m definitely an advocate for open source routes for any LMS, I know that a closed source option is used. Often the lack of feature depth means that the learning curve is not quite vertical.

If you need simple functionality and do not anticipate that this simple approach will change for your business, then I think that you can entertain the option of a closed source, hosted WordPress LMS.

Speaking to the experience, I can tell you that these cases are quite rare. We come to customers from the hosted, monthly payment platform all the time because they make it easy and frustrated.

Our business is often subject to the tools we have chosen, this is the reason why we have to choose wisely or face the consequences. If you are questioning your current LMS, or you are interested in getting some courses online, then we would love to hear about it. Contact us today to know what you want to do and we will be happy to tell you whether our open source LMS is a good choice for your needs.

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