Is HCG Weight Loss Safe?

There are hundreds of weight loss programs today and all of them make extreme claims. Some of them work and many of them do not work. If you are not cautious you are likely to be disappointed with some of these weight loss strategies that you come across. Besides being ineffective some of them are even risky and unsafe. Such unscrupulous programs and strategies are there just to extract money from you. They are not interested in your wellbeing and do not expect them to show interest in your wellbeing. It is your responsibility to make the right choices.

As far as HCG weight loss is concerned you do not have to worry about such adverse effects. This weight loss strategy is not only highly effective but it is also very safe as it is based on sound research. It is high time that you threw away all the other weight loss strategies and embrace this single strategy.

Before you start using the HCG drops try to spend some time trying to understand how this strategy works. This will help you make well-informed decision. It is a safe strategy as long as you use it the way it is supposed to be used. It is imperative that HCG diet is used in conjunction with a low calorie diet program whereby you consume less than 500 calories per day. When used in combination with such a low calorie diet, HCG stimulates your body to gain access to the fat storage instead of the lean muscle mass for energy needs. All these are scientifically established and you need to follow the diet program strictly without any deviation.

It is recommended that you take HCG drops three times per day. The dosage depends on the specific HCG product you are purchasing. It is a hunger suppressant and it reduces your craving for food even when you are on a low calorie food. However, hunger suppression is not the major goal of HCG. It is one of the secondary benefits of HCG. You should not take anything fifteen minutes before and after taking these drops. HCG is a sublingual supplement. You will have to place the drops under your tongue without swallowing it directly for at least thirty seconds.

If you continue to experience hunger, the dosage and the frequency could be increased as per the product guidelines. Take time to read the instructions fully before you start the diet. Make sure that you do not go overboard with the dosage and also with the frequency with the intention of losing weight fast. These homeopathic drops work with your body’s physiology so you cannot speed up things as you like by just increasing the frequency and dosage. If you do not want to suffer any negative side effects, you should source your HCG drops from the most trustworthy stores. Make no mistakes in this regard lest you will be wasting your time and money besides risking your own health.

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