How to Overcome Burnout as an Online Student

If you have a full time job that does not offer long term growth, you may feel compelled to take up an online course to improve your job prospects or pursue a new career. While many sign up for online courses enthusiastically, not everyone is keen on completing it. For one, there are multiple commitments that deserve equal attention. Also, while online learning may be convenient, it is rigorous. From quizzes and discussion boards to tests, students have to complete many assignments. And all of this while managing a regular job! If you have signed up for an online course and are on the verge of quitting, here are a few tips to help you:

a. Take a break when you are stressed

Do not ignore the warning signs with false bravado as it will worsen the problem. An efficient way to beat stress and burnout is to take short breaks while doing work that requires focus. Stress signs could be blurry vision or headaches followed by difficulty concentrating. Just step out of the work/study area and calm down by listening to soothing music.

b. Understand your limits

Doing an online course requires the same commitment as a regular course wherein you are required to submit assignments and test papers as per schedule. With a full time job it may prove to be a challenge as you would also have to juggle family time and personal chores. You may come across occasions where you would have to refuse weekend plans at work because it may not leave enough time to complete your assignment on time.

c. Develop good habits

Make sure you have enough sleep and rest while carrying out your responsibilities. Some people regard sacrifice of sleep as a badge of honor and brag about it, but in a couple of weeks it could lead to total burnout. Challenges in life will come and go but burnouts take a long time to recover from and may lead to several lost opportunities.

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