How-to Guide: Cast Apps Like YouTube or Netflix to My TV from My Phone

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Have you ever thought to use your mobile apps on a bigger screen? Cheer up! This post will convert your imagination into reality. You can launch channels directly from your Roku TV or media player; however, you can also cast or direct to your TV what you are already watching on your mobile. All you have to do is just set up your Roku device via and enjoy using mobile apps on your smart TV.

You can do so in a wireless manner with supported apps such as Netflix and YouTube by launching the casting icon on your smartphone or tablet and choosing your Roku gadget. The channel will start automatically on your streaming device and playback will begin.

In order to make use of casting, your Roku and mobile device must have the supported app installed on them. Moreover, ensure to establish a reliable connection between your phone or tablet and Roku.

Is Casting Similar to Screen Mirroring?

Despite the fact that screen mirroring and casting are normally exchanged in the industry, yet there are a few differences while using them with your Roku streaming gadget:

  • What Content You Can Send

During casting, you can only view content from a mobile app which particularly provides support for this function. Screen mirroring lets you watch content from any app installed on your mobile.

  • How You Control Playback

Casting provides you with the option to utilize your mobile for control. Also, you can make a choice to use your Roku enhanced remote. On the other hand, all actions can be controlled via your mobile device during a screen mirroring session.

  • Supported Mobile Devices

Most of the mobile devices available in the market provide support for casting. Screen Mirroring is supported by only limited devices such as Windows or Android gadgets.

  • Power State of Your Smartphone or Tablet

As soon as the playback starts, casting enables you to use your cellphone to do something else. Alternatively, you can switch it off completely. Whereas screen mirroring requires your cellphone to be turned on for the duration of playback.

  • What You See on Your TV

With casting, you are able to view playback of the chosen piece of content while screen mirroring facilitates you to watch the entire screen of your cellphone, including menus and buttons.

Am I Able to Share My Personal Videos and Photos on My TV?

On the off chance that you wish to particularly share your private videos and photos or songs from the music library of your cellphone, cheers as you can now do so with great ease. For this purpose, you can make use of Play on Roku feature of the Roku mobile app.

However, the app must be installed on your device. If you need any sort of help while installing the app, visit The app is available to download for Android and iOS devices.

How to Cast from a Supported Channel?

To get started with casting, there is need to install the channel, match mobile app and begin playback. Here are the detailed instructions for getting the job done:

  1. Press the button on your Roku remote.

  2. Navigate through streaming channels after accessing the channel store.

  3. Add your preferred channels from to your Roku device. You can add free as well as paid channels to your gadget.

  4. Afterward, install a channel and it will have been added to the channels’ list.

  5. Download and install the matching mobile app on your device.

  6. Once installed, open it properly.

  7. Choose the casting icon.

  8. Now, select your Roku gadget on which you want to cast.

  9. Once done, the channel will start automatically on your smart device and playback will start.

And that’s it! Enjoy using your favorite streaming apps on a bigger screen. Happy Streaming!

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