How To Get A PAN Card With The Help of Your Nearest PAN Card Office

PAN card is an essential document for every taxpayer in India. Some people might be scared for the idea of standing in ques or just filling the application form, but it’s an effortless process. Go to your nearest PAN card office and you will have your PAN card applied in no time.

The Permanent Account Number also known as PAN card is an essential document for every taxpayer within the Indian borders. Physically it’s a card with your picture, all your personal details, and an exclusive alphanumeric number. Your PAN card tracks all the transactions you are deemed to pay tax on, you PAN card also works as a proof of identification. You PAN number remains the same for the lifespan of the holder. Now there are a lot of pan card offices which can help you undergo the process of PAN card application. Some would say its long, tedious, and takes hours of standing in the line, however, we have long left the pen and paper world everything is done online and the process is as simple as preparing two-minute noodles.

Apply for PAN Card With the Help of Your Nearest PAN Card Office

Go to the nearest PAN card office and they will guide you through the process. But first, you should take a look at the procedure to have a good idea of what’s ahead. You can either get a fresh PAN card issued or make a correction in the previous one. Yes, the process is prone to technical and humanly errors though there are no major issues, the process of correction is as easy as applying a new one. Your nearest TIN-Facility and NSDL approved PAN centres will lend you a hand.

As per the long rule book of filing applications, you need to ink up the application form 49A. Just like the other government application forms, you just need to fill all your personal details like Father’s name or Mother’s name, address, employment and more. Now you have to submit the application with all your supporting documents like the proof of identity and the proof of address. You will also have to submit a passport size picture of yourself.

After submitting everything you will need to pay a PAN card application fee of Rs. 96 inclusive of all Taxes. One will get a reference number in return through which you can track your PAN card status. After the closure of this procedure, your cycle of PAN card allotment begins. A normal PAN application case will take 15 days to dispatch your PAN card through a courier service. In case of any corrections, it takes 25 days for the same.

This was all about going out and working your way with the second simplest process of PAN application. The first one is not going anywhere, sitting in your bed with the laptop and all your details. If you visit the official NSDL or UTITSL website you can easily follow the trail and acquire you PAN on your own. Here are the steps-

  • Go to the official NSDL website or UNTIL official page and locate the tab to apply PAN.

  • There you will find two types of application, first is to apply new PAN and the second one is for making corrections on your PAN card.

  • Select Apply new and a new window will pop with the same Application form. Type in all your personal details.

  • The next level is to authenticate and its best done with the Aadhar card as the process is simple and just requires an OTP from the registered number

  • Now you need to select your AO code and the category you are from. It could be non-salaried, government servants, private sector employees and more

  • Now to mark the closure of the PAN card procedure is by making the mandatory PAN card fee of Rs. 115.90 plus another fee which makes the grand total of Rs. 120

  • Then you will receive an acknowledgement number to further track the status of your PAN.

  • Now, it’s not mandatory to include your father’s name in the PAN. You can use your mother’s name instead. This is a great deal for single mothers and people who wish to go with their mother’s name.

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