The outlook is one of the most preferred email clients because of its interface and features which allow its users to maintain or share data. But there are some drawbacks of MS Outlook as well, which can be easily resolved if you get in touch with Outlook Customer Support. We have also provided some techniques to resolve the common issues and errors with Outlook.

Given below are five common Outlook errors and their solutions:

1.       Unable to send emails: This error can arise when the format of the chosen destination of the email is wrong. Make assured the address you have entered is correct. It is also possible that some of the Outlook versions automatically show that the destination chosen by you cannot be recognized and hence you are not able to send the emails. The other reason for this issue can be an error in HTML based Outlook error.

2.       Not implemented error: This error can arise when you try to open MS Outlook account and you are not able to access it because it has got damaged. The solution to this issue totally depends on the Outlook and Windows version you are using. For MS Outlook 10 on Windows 7, the following procedure can be applied:

  • visit the Control panel section and select the option of programs and features
  • Next look for MS Outlook in the list provided.
  • Select the MS outlook 10 and click on repair option and then click ‘Continue’.

1.       Unable to open default email folders: It is one of the common errors with MS Outlook which occurs while opening your Outlook account. The reason behind it is that the outlook is running in compatibility mode. To fix this error, close the compatibility mode as follows:

  • Search for Outlook.exe and right-click on Options.
  • Next click on ‘Properties’ and then select Outlook compatibility tab.
  • Under this tab, you have to uncheck the box ‘Run this program in compatibility mode and then click on ‘Apply’.
  • Click ‘Ok’ and then restart the device to apply the changes.

2.       Crashing issues: The crashing issue with MS Outlook can occur because of a corrupt add-in. this automatically crashes the MS Outlook without giving any warning. To fix the crashing issue, open the MS Outlook in safe mode and check if this has resolved the issue.

3.       Issues with email settings: It is also possible that when you are using MS Outlook on more than one device then there is a difference between the email settings of both the devices. There will be inconsistent emails on both devices. To resolve this problem, manually copy the PST file from one device to another and then restart the Outlook. You can also try switching to IMAP protocol which will synchronize the emails on the server with the emails in the MS Outlook.

This is how you can resolve the common issues with this emailing service. However, if you are going through any other issue then you can reach out to use for the solutions. Contact Outlook Support is available for the situations when you are not able to resolve any of the Outlook issues on your own. Moreover, the technicians are experienced and professional in their work hence you can totally rely upon us for the best support service.

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