How is Keratin treatment different from Hair Botox?

Some people just love their hair; maybe love is not the right word so the correct statement will be some people are just obsessed with their hair. They love touching and twirling it and freaks out if a single stand moves here to there. We all have one such friend who really loves to experiment with his or her hairs, opt for different styles and hair products.

One of the things which frustrate most is frizz and tangles formed in the hair. It’s like hairs got a mind of their own and they just won’t stay in one place. The best solution to this problem is hair smoothening and two most popular process is keratin treatment and hair Botox. Though the main aim of both treatments is hair smoothening they differ in terms of ingredients. So for all those hair lovers who till now thought that keratin treatment and hair Botox are kind of the same thing here is the difference between the two:

  • Keratin treatment is a chemical process used to remove frizz and provide essential nutrient for achieving a sleek, shiny look on the outside. Keratin treatment is temporary in nature and can last up to few months depending upon products used. If you are using a harsh shampoo and conditioner then it might wash off after a few weeks. In order to increase the longevity of the treatment consults your hair stylist and use hair products accordingly. In keratin treatment keratin is infused into the hair follicles using chemicals like formaldehyde. Since chemicals are used in this process so this treatment is recommended to those people who have healthy hair. When damaged hairs are treated with these chemicals there are chances that they will get damaged more. It is advised not to wash hair for at least 3 days after the treatment for better effect.

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  • Hair Botox eliminates friskiness’ and provide smoothness to hair. Along with providing smoothness it also heals hair and adds shininess to hair. Unlike usual Botox used for skin which contains Botulinum Toxin, hair Botox does not contain any chemicals so it is more environmentally friendly and less toxic. Due to the absence of the formaldehyde, the straightening effect is less but smoothness effect is more compared to other conventional treatments. The basic ingredients in hair Botox are proteins, amino acids, vitamins, and lipids which help in restoring your hair. Hair Botox treatment can be done on all types of hairs including damaged hair. Unlike keratin treatment, you can wash your hair the same day which makes this process hassle-free. When treated with appropriate shampoo and conditioner treatment usually last few months.

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Both the treatments have its pros and cons, keratin treatment adds more shininess and smoothness compared to hair Botox but hair Botox heals hair along with adding shininess and smoothness to the hair. Different hair type acts differently when subjected to these processes so the best way to decide which treatment is best for you is by consulting with your hair stylist.

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