How augmented reality change the world of cosmetics?

How augmented reality change the world of cosmetics?

The term augmented reality has been widespread these days as one may hear about it frequently. With the new technologies, new aspects of life have been made easy which has proven much useful for users across the market. It is seen that augmented reality does not seem like a natural way to fit in the beauty industry, but it now seems that they have solved one of the problems in the industry. This all-new augmented reality technology helps the customers to get the array of beauty looks which is from the comfort zone of the home. It is like shelling out the big bucks which are present at a department store.

These augmented reality beauty apps are made in such a way that they try to go for the makeup in a very easy way by which the consumers will able to no longer need to step into the store. The technologies which include the AR makeup, as well as virtual try on are said to be the future as well as the cosmetics industry which is said to take the notice.

Currently, ModiFace is the first augmented reality startups which have got some patented face as well as skin mapping technology which is specifically designed in such a way that it is useful for the beauty industry. The technology that is used in it is used to analyze some minute details of the face as well as skin to get the lifelike visualizations of the user’s face.

Augmented reality in cosmetics industry is said to be playing an important role as it helps the people to see themselves in a new world. It is seen that many companies who all use this technology are now seems to be mixing up with the in-depth research which comes with the augmented reality technology. It helps in demonstrating the results of all the anti-aging products on the customer’s face which is before the consumers who all invest in this product.

Companies who started an augmented reality

  • Modiface is the company with a smartphone app which allows consumers to scan the face and then it allows the product to apply virtually in real time so that the customer can able to get the idea.
  • Olay’s ageing zone usually performs the analysis which is said to be combined with the user information that can able to provide individualized product recommendations.
  • The next company is Shiseido who got partnered with Microsoft Japan as well as Skype for Business so that they can able to create the new beauty app whose name is Telebeauty. In this app, it virtually applies all the makeup items on your face and from that you can see how you will look with these items on your face.

These are some of the companies who all have started their augmented reality for cosmetics. This is seen to be very popular among the users as it shows how you will look before buying the product.

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