History and Backgrounds of Vaults & Storage

Every gold or silver shop has its own vaults to keep the precious metal safe and secure. There are lots of different kinds of vaults around the world and the applications are different. For example, during the cold war, the Iron Mountain Vault was opened to give corporate clients a secure storage to keep their important documents. This vault was so secure even in any nuclear attack. Until today, this vault is used to keep your precious material safe and secure.

Another peculiar vault is situated in the Arctic Circle on the island of Svalbard. This vault is used for a different reason, also called the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. Storing huge selection of seed is the main goal of creating this vault. This vault makes sure there has to be enough food supply for human beings no matter what catastrophes are going through. Now let’s talk about some historical facts about these vaults…

Background and History of Vaults

Thousand years back, vaults were utilized to protect the precious thing and belongings. Locks of the vault are developed by the ancient Egyptians with unique ways. Later, Romans used the advanced technique and developed the mechanism of the vault. Since then, there are lots of impressive safes were made. Safes are being changed by vaults in several banks.

There are lots of technological advancements applied to bank vaults throughout the history. Earlier, vaults contained steel doors which are not so impressive, unsafe as well. But modern vaults are using concrete doors containing steel plated. It provides the extra level of protection in case of burgling. Fort Knox is one of the world’s best vaults located in the USA. A huge number of America’s gold reserves are stored in the site of a US army base. It is a highly secure area. The vault of LPM.HK is built with the latest security systems. Our safe is very secure to reserve the Gold coin and silver coin.

Another historical fact is that the vaults at the Bank of England were built before the Second World War. Now, these vaults are protected by the latest advanced security systems. But it’s noticeable that, there are some old plain keys are used in the part of these security vaults that appears to include an extra level of protection, electronic security system involved as well.

There are almost 6500 tons of gold in London’s vaults. In these vaults, gold is being stored on behalf of Governments, private collectors, banks, and investment funds. It’s exciting to think that, the gold bars are just under your footway. That’s all for now. Next, we will discuss some other Gold or silver coin stuff. Stay tuned thanks!


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