Have some nice drink in Faridabad

Here’s some good news for people who stay in Faridabad, Want to relax? A place to the party? Then what about you are looking for anywhere, then you don’t have to drive all the way to Delhi because we have curated a list of best bars in Faridabad.
If you are visiting new friends Colony from Faridabad then you should know that it is a place for people who like to have a Night vision bars and restaurants. You will find food outlets, restaurants, and drinks ranging from usual dining to fine dining, with a diverse variety of flavors being served across their Community Centre.  Let us have a good look at the best bars in new friend’s colony.

Some of the best bars in Faridabad are listed below:

  1. Folks, Sector 16: One of the most famous and best bars in Faridabad is Folks, Sector 16. They are much popular for serving their zesty cocktails and also famous for the best parties happen in HUDA market, Faridabad. Also, they serve Paneer Lababdar, Cool Folks, and Folks Locha & Wheat Beer.
  2. Cove The Bar, Radisson Blue, and Sector 20: Most famous bar for their fancy unique style. This bar is the best if you want to take a secret meeting or want to entertain your clients. They serve some mouth-watering dishes “Buffalo Chicken Wings” and “Wok Tossed Sambal Fish” and also serve Caramelized Pineapple & Basil Martini, Sherry.
  3. Oxy Lounge, Sector 12: Specialty of it attracts everybody is Delicious pasta at Oxy Lounge. They will serve luscious mixes like Brave Bull and a lip-smacking vodka that you can’t miss. It alive at night also and you can take your family too to enjoy the nightlife. And this heaven is situated at Town Park.
  4. Geoffrey’s Pub, Sector 21: If you are looking for an enjoyable place to chill with some schmancy drinks at a cheap rate, then you must need to visit this place. They will serve you different food menu with a diverse range so that you can choose from them and well-known for Melon Jalapeno Martini, Candied Ginger Caprioska & Murgh Ke Angaare. This is why it is considered to be one of the best bars in Faridabad.

Don’t change your drink quality after reaching New Friends Colony
Some of the bars situated are listed below:

  1. Al Bake: The most prominent bar in new friends’ colony, is considered to be one of the best bars in new friends colony. Where you will feel like a crown when they will serve their best Indian, European and Tex-Mex flavors combine at this Euro-style restaurant with wooden interiors.
  2. The Atrium Bar: After working for the whole day, the most refreshing thing is to get a good glass of wine for you. The international wine list is the highlight of this bar. So it is one of the most famous bars in New-Friends-Colony, New Delhi.
  3. Frio-The Garden Bar: The specialty of this bar is the unique theme as ‘Knight Shades’, instrumental jazz and live performances all time. As they will serve you their best combination of cool Folks, Folks Locha & Wheat Beer. That’s why it’s also one of thebest bars in new friends’ colony.


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