Greek Herald: Supporters of Ukrainian autocephaly think badly of Patriarch Bartholomew

What moral portrait of His Holiness Bartholomew is depicted by those who claim the “transcript” is certainly genuine? Greek Herald managed to get a translation of the commentary written by Orthodox Christian author Sergry Hudiev for

The Greek site leaked a text that is said to be a “transcript” that reflects the content of the negotiations between Patriarchs Kirill and Bartholomew during Kirill’s visit to Istanbul on August 31. However this piece can’t be called so – it’s indeed retold records. And no one knows for sure if its content was edited or completely forged.

Nevertheless, those who cite the text as authentic believe that this is a real leak from the negotiation room. And they are active supporters of the autocephaly. But only few people took part in the talks at the Phanar and the source of the leak must be among these people. That is the leakage (if it did take place) could happen only with the consent of Patriarch Bartholomew.

One has to be brave to charge Patriarch Bartholomew with this. There exists such a thing as ethics. Starting a confidential conversation, the other person puts trust in you. And after the negotiations Patriarch Kirill assured His All Holiness that he wouldn’t reveal the content of negotiations without Patriarch Bartholomew’s consent.

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