Great places to live in Florida

A beach in Florida

Great places to live in Florida or as they call it “Sunshine State.” It has a reputation for being a real relaxer for older retirees, but it also attracts young families. Different generations are attracted by the sunny climate, affordable homes, no state tax, and perhaps to be closer to their parents who have already gone to warmer climes. Residents brag about the beautiful sunny days, and they can, so that the sun lovers can only envy them. Some people talk about giving ten winters for one summer. So, Florida is a great place for living. Let’s see which places are the greatest. In this article, it is possible to present only a few of them, and it doesn’t mean that the others worth less than these.

There are great places to live in Florida but it’s on you to choose the greatest for you

Florida is home to twenty major metropolitan areas, so it’s simply impossible not to find a good or even great place to live in Florida. It would be hard to say for a particular place that is the best because each place has its character-determining qualities. It is very difficult to describe all the places in Florida, but there are a few that stand out by some traits. Florida abounds in centers that are good for business, education, culture, art, good fun, sports, and so on. Each of them stands out with some good traits that set it apart from the others and yet does not exclude them from that metropolitan group. Almost all the cities have some of these good traits, but they are better in some of them. If this one is the one that gives the response to your needs, then this one is the right one for you.

Explore everything and find some great places for living in Florida

If you want to live in Florida in one of the great places you have to:

  • do your research (this is important to take responsibility)
  • find the great place that suits you
  • find a reliable moving company
  • prepare things to bring with you for living a good life in Florida, don’t forget your beach equipment, if you have any
St Augustine - one of the great places to live in Florida
St. Augustine – Florida is the first occupied city in the USA

Maybe you find out among these, great one

The list is only a part of them and you may consider it as editor’s choice: Naples, Winter Springs, Dunedin, Palm Beach, St. Augustine, Fort Meyers, Tallahassee, Fort Lauderdale, Islamorada… and more. If you are interested in some of these cities and possibilities for living in one of them you have to make a plan for exploring cities and a way how to move there. Pro Movers Miami certainly can help you with that.


Only 20,000 inhabitants, which is increasing significantly during the winter months when “snowbirds” come from colder parts of the country and wider. Sun year-round, low crime rate, excellent school system rated 9 or 10/10. Someone said that life seems to be slower in Naples.

Houses and palm trees by the water
Great places for living in Florida – Naples

Winter Springs

A suburb of Orlando offers all the amenities of a big city and yet you are out of tourist traffic and crowd. Crime rates are also as low as throughout Florida and it’s sunny throughout the year.


The live art scene, a new festival every week. If you are looking for something like this, Dunedin is the right place for you. Miles of hiking and biking trails. Dunedin is the title of “Best Little Walking Town” in America by “Walking Magazine”. Dunedin is also quite affordable, with a median home price of just over $ 200,000, and if you find the great one  Sunny Isles Beach offers the moving team you need!

It is not easy to choose one of the many great places for living in Florida

There are many great places to live in Florida and it is not difficult to find them. It may be difficult to decide which one is the best for you because in all these places are very good for life. Some nuance will decide which is the greatest, so find it!

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