Get Assistance from Top E2 Visa Lawyer for Investment in US

Planning to investment in any company or organization as a major share holder or all set to take over a company to establish your business in the United States of America?

You need assistance from E2 visa lawyer – the professional law expert who helps you in getting E2 visa or treaty investor visa. It is a type of visa required by businessmen and entrepreneur to set up a company to trade with their home country.

Interesting thing about the visa is that there is no need prior BCIS approval. As soon as it is properly prepared, it can be sent directly to the U.S. Consulate. If you and your family want to enter the U.S. rapidly to get the business operational or to do a 5 month transition of ownership, this is the perfect Visa for you to get. Getting this visa is easy as you need assistance from top e2 visa lawyer, who define that there is no set minimum or maximum amount to be invested.

E2 Visa lawyer helps you with the entire process. Hiring a professional lawyer is important because he/she is the key person who takes all the responsibilities and offers you precise solutions and services. This visa can be approved within one to two months. Interesting thing is that all unmarried children under the age of 21 years and your spouse can come to the US once they qualify. The children can go to school without ant problem.

A professional and experienced E2 Visa lawyer help you in preparing the E1/E2 petition in an expert way; while he/she help in making a complex and detailed business plan.

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