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Patna may not be a place as developed as the metropolitan cities but does that mean the youth here would be any different from the metropolitan ones? Noooooo! Not at all.

We knew it ever since we first went to the city. The parks here are full of mushy-gushy love birds (Read so want to do it hoomans) but the unmarried couples, they just don’t get a place to be. Parks or any public places, no matter how serene, scenic and less crowded just aren’t the right venues to make out or do thatttt.. 😜 PDA is still considered obscene. You get caught indulging in an act like this and the police is after your lives and money💰.

You know how thoughtful and considerate your uncle is when it comes to matters like these. He doesn’t want to see the youth of any Indian city facing such problems.

So, he decided to tie with hotels in Patna. We were shooked to see how the hotels in Patna were resisting the tie-up offer we made. You may ask whyyy? And to that, our answer is even we don’t know whyyyyy…

More or less, it must be because of the morals and ethics that see consensual sex as a bad thing and marital rape as an obligation.

There are many hotels but none of them is friendly, couple friendly (read sab pyar or tharak ke Dushman hai)

Anyway, we didn’t lose hope.

Save yourself from the embarrassment, run away to hotels we have found by means of online room booking.

Sparing the two who agreed to our offer. Here they are.

Hotel Orange Inn-

If you are looking for budget hotels in Patna, you should book hotel orange Inn. Moreover, if you are on a lookout for hotels in Patna frequently, cram the name of Hotel Orange Inn by heart. We bet on the staff being amiable and ready to serve you with the best. No judgements, easy check-in, check-out and there you have a room that doesn’t go over the budget even after being situated at one of the most convenient places. It is near Rajendra Nagar station. Besides, the rooms are hygienic and spacious. So, even if you are coming from a long tiring journey to Patna, this is the best hotel for you as this is in proximity. Online room booking is the best to reserve a room in this hotel in advance. (it gets full even a week before at the weekends.)

The Westend Hotel-

If you are planning to spend a special day together (Birthday, Anniversary or some other special occasion like the Valentines Day), and are ready to sacrifice rather utilise a few more bucks, we suggest you to choose The Westend hotel. The ambience, services, and other facilities like food are great. The staff is very humble, responsive and disciplined as well. Now, talking about the location, this hotel is just opposite to the Hi-tech hospital, Danapur. So, if you are looking for Couple Friendly hotels in Patna, get ready to have a very goody- goody night with this hotel. Go for online room booking to reserve your space with us before it gets occupied.

Love is love whether the couple is married, unmarried, of the same sex or a transgender. Alas! we weren’t able to find a hotel that is LGBT friendly as well. But, don’t worry we will keep striving till we make it.

Patnains, 🔊

Get ready to spill your love and lust on the one (or many) 😜

StayUncle has arrived!

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