Everything you need to know when hiring Van Lines

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The relocation is the next chapter in your life, so how to prepare yourself? The process of moving is complexed and not that simple. There are a lot of steps to take and a lot of situations to handle. One of the most important tasks is to hire professional help you can trust. But, what to know when hiring Van Lines? What is Van Lines, how to choose a reliable one?

A lot of questions need answers, luckily at one place, you may find all of them. Handle a move like a pro and a plan in advance.

Before you hire a company to transport your belongings, do research.

What is the Van Line company?

If you had the experience to see two company’s names on business cards or moving vehicles, you are not the only one. Costumers often get confused by this fact. You can maybe hear an answer that the second “smaller” name is the name of an agent. But, still, you don’t understand what it is. How to be sure about hiring the right furniture moving companies?

The explanation is simple, and there are two cases, depending on the type of a move.

  • Intrastate move – if you are not leaving the state (for example you are moving from one city in Florida to another city in Florida), “the second” company operates as itself. Uniforms and logo on a moving truck may have the name of a big van line’s company, but on documents, you will see the name of a smaller moving company. This company needs a government license for work. Some big Van Lines companies may help you move within the state, but in most cases, no.
  • Interstate move – if you are moving to another state in the USA, it is called an interstate move. Your relocation will be in hand of a company that has “a bigger name”. This company is licensed by a Federal Department, not by a local government. So, if you are crossing a border you should be hiring Van Lines, not a small local moving company.

Types of relocation services

Besides intrastate and interstates moves, there are more types of relocation services you can choose. Some of them are:

  • Local relocation – relocation within the same city or neighborhood
  • Corporate relocation – when you want to organize business relocation
  • Long-distance relocation – a distance of 1000 or more miles
  • International relocation – moving from one country to another
Depending on the size and distance of your relocation, you will choose a type.

Hiring Van Lines you can trust – tips

Searching for a Van Line company and hiring the reliable one, is the most important step. Today, you have a lot of sources to get information and detail about the company you want to hire. Social media, official websites such as gibraltarvanlines.com, forums, etc. Get recommendations, ask for referrals, read feedbacks from the past clients. Here are some tips you should know when hiring Van Lines, and how to recognize a reliable company. Pay attention to these details.

Demanding a large deposit is a red flag

If a Van Line company demand from you a large deposit or cash, it may be a big red flag. A reliable company won’t ask you to pay in advance, and when you do pay, use your credit card.

Taking moving inventory

When an estimator comes to your home, he/she should take the inventory of all the household items you want to move. And also, to determine the size and weight. A quick walk-through is not enough.

Checking license and insurance

Never hire a Van Line without a license and insurance. Check their DOT number and find out more about the company’s history. Also, ask about insurance and liability for the value of your items.

Ask a Van Line company for references

Before hiring Van Lines, ask for a couple of references. For example, references from 3 or 4 past clients from your city (or near your city), who have moved in the past 5 months.

Don’t sign a blank contract

Don’t ever sign a blank contract or a contract they will finish up later. You should have everything in writing, from moving dates, to accurate costs of services. Before signing, read the entire contract a couple of times.

Ask about packing services

A company can make your packing process simple, but only if they are experienced. No one wants broken or damaged items. Ask them about the experience and the costs of packing services.

Costs of hiring Van Lines

Money is, of course, one of the biggest concerns when moving, in most cases. Most of us want affordable relocation. How to calculate the average costs of relocation? There are a couple of factors you should consider calculating them. On the other hand, if you want accurate moving costs, a Van Line company should come to your house to estimate.

There are some ways to cut moving costs and to have an affordable move.

Factors that will affect your moving budget are:

  • Size and weight of your move. For example, if you want to save money when moving to NYC, then pack fewer items.
  • Travel fees for you and your family (if you are moving with them).
  • Packing services, if you want to hire a company to pack your boxes too.
  • Additional costs when moving special items such as piano or a hot tub.
  • Renting a temporary storage unit.
  • Purchasing moving supplies and renting equipment for packing.
  • Costs will also depend on a moving date – it is not the same if you are moving during the season or off-season.
  • Insurance and value protection for your belongings. When hiring Van Lines, a company will offer you different insurance options.

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