How can an ‘Employment Background Check’ protect your Organization?

If you want to hire a domestic helper at home, don’t you get their background verified from your reliable sources? For example, the current place she is working, or from another domestic helper, or other people who might know him or her. Of course, you do this to avoid petty thefts at your home or any violent attack for burglary. Similarly, you would like to protect your workplace. But for the employment background check, you need expertise.

What is an employment background check or verification or investigation?

Here the word employment indicates the job candidates or candidates applying for the job position advertised by your organization. As the job position is a position of responsibility as well, the need for a background check arises. The procedure of searching for and consolidating the employment, education, credibility, criminal, commercial, motor vehicle or license and financial records of the candidates or any individual or any organization is known as the employment background verification.



How does the employer use these investigation reports?

Organizations or employers like schools, hospitals, financial institutions, government offices, airports, etc. use these investigation reports in judging a candidate’s past mistakes (if any), character and physical and mental fitness. It helps in identifying any possible risks in hiring them. Matching or confirming of information provided by the candidate in their resume. Checking about the candidate from the references provided by them is one of the critical aspects in this.

How to choose the right background investigation service provider?

To choose the right background investigation service provider is not essentially laid on the line proposal. You need a company which provides information that you can trust. Primarily it offers the following services:

  • A company which is an innovator and a reliable navigator of the world over talent solutions.
  • It provides results globally to deliver you reports locally.
  • Their methodologies are strict as per the recognized standards in the industry.
  • To enable your organization to take quick decisions they can deliver quality proven real time results.
  • Not only present but also meet the future screening requirements.
  • Most reliable investigation companies have many years of experience, hence are capable enough to deliver an in-depth evaluation of the candidate.
  • They are technologically competent to integrate with the Applicant Tracking System.

Objectives of hiring a background investigator

Safeguard yourself and your organization with the help of a background investigator, which is inclusive of:

background check


  • Offense sentences and other histories
  • Search from the criminal records
  • Search from the sex offender records
  • Search from the terrorist watchlist
  • Validate the Social Security Number
  • Check Social Security Number against Death List
  • Workplace Safety is met if all the employees are free from criminal or terrorist etc., types of records.
  • Workplace theft shall be avoided easily by recruiting employees who work with honesty and integrity.
  • How well is the candidate competent for the job?
  • Goodwill and reputation are at stake with frequent cases of malpractices. Also, the highly qualified workers will be attracted to your organization if it has a good reputation.

There are background check service providers who have their pre-packaged solutions for:

  • Self-Checks
  • Staff
  • Hospitals
  • Sports organizations
  • Volunteer organizations
  • Vendors and contractors
  • Managers and executives
  • Hourly employee
  • Religious organizations

Isn’t this amazing to have so much information about the candidate to be your employee? With a proper employment background check, you and your organization will surely benefit and stay safe in all aspects.

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