Don’t Let Dandruff Ruin A Good Hair Day!

Dandruff- that is one word enough to strike frustrated fear in the hearts of anyone who cares about their hair and generally, time and money. No matter how luscious the locks, no matter how the thick and smooth the tresses are, one wave of dandruff can take them all away and forever have you feeling dirty up there. To further this turmoil, getting rid of them isn’t any less easy or cheap- numerous parlours or dermatologist appointments, costly hair treatments and shampoos, countless hours spent on the internet trying to figure out the right remedies that eventually somehow make it worse.

In order to help you prevent the tragedy of a dandruff attack, here are a few tips to select best anti dandruff shampoo to help combat those pesky hair-destroyers.

Most of us know how and where to use these shampoos however, we don’t know which ones to get and often end up choosing ones that aren’t best suited for the scalp. Here are a few guidelines to finding the right one.


Consider shampoos that have coal tar. Coal tar reduces the cell death rate thereby reduces flaking and a good anti-dandruff agent.

2.Zinc Pyrithione

This is an antifungal agent. Furthermore, it is also an antibacterial agent. This Is great for treating seborrheic dermatitis caused by fungi and dandruff as well. Several over the counter brands use this compound.

3.Salicylic Acid

This is a component to look for in your dandruff shampoos. A mild such as this softens the skin and gently removes dead skin cells. However, for some individuals, its reportedly makes it worse, so use it at your discretion

4.Selenium Sulfide

Selenium Sulfide is another ingredient that makes cell death rate slower than usual. This reduces flaking and it also reduces and prevents growth of fungi.

5.Hair type

Pay attention to your hairy type- is it dry, coarse, oily or just normal scalp? Depending on this, some shampoos are customised. Therefore, finding one that suits your scalp will make finding the right shampoo easier and faster. However some shampoos like the ketomacshampoo does not mind what kind of scalp it is and can work with anything. Finding an anti-dandruff conditioner can also greatly help to amplify and sometimes even double the effect of the shampoo itself.

When trying out different shampoos make sure to always massage the shampoo gently on to the scalp and not use it like conventional shampoos. Let it sit in the scalp for a few minutes before washing it off. Make sure to use the shampoo regularly to see visible recovery and betterment. However, the biggest tip one can provide is that trial and error will definitely help you find the right shampoo. Switching between two shampoos or alternating them per wash also greatly helps. Have regular hair washes at 2 per week and use each shampoo at least once per week. During this period, also keep constant check ups and follow ups with your dermatologist if symptoms don’t seem to be improving.

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