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Rajasthani wedding invitation video

Marriage plays an indispensable role in every person’s life. It’s an initial step of jumping into second face of life. Every couple has an enthusiasm of celebrating their marriage in an imperial and majestic way and Rajasthan has proved to be one of the favored places to have a grand celebration of wedding with rituals and customs of Rajasthani wedding.

Rajasthani wedding includes many ceremonies and rituals before and after marriage, which are being celebrated with great pomp and show. They invite their kinsfolk and enjoy the union with lots of happiness. So, for you all Rajasthani friends, we are come up with an extraordinary way of adding stars to your invitation i.e. video invitation.

Cost-effective, beautiful, eco-friendly and unique way of sending an invite to your best ones. Don’t wait, go ahead, click and order now the bestest of your choice.

Punjabi Sikh wedding invitation ecards

Marriage is considered universal and necessary among all religious communities. It is being celebrated in all the religions and areas enthusiastically. But in Punjab the marriages are performed in a different and divine way. Needless to say, Punjabi weddings are one of their kinds, which are more enriched than any other communities in India.

Marriage and family are considered to be one of the primary duties of a Sikh. Through the holy union of marriage one is brought closer to the Divine Love.

Now spread the news of beautiful union of two souls in your Punjabi style. Let the happiness spread out everywhere. Choose our best Punjabi Sikh wedding invitation ecards to invite your kith and kins.

Muslim wedding invitation videos

Muslim weddings are known as Nikah in Urdu. The ceremonies and rituals related to a Muslim wedding may differ according to the region, sects and customs of the people involved. But, down-the-line, every wedding has one significant purpose to it – celebrating the sacred union of two people.

So every religion has its own significance and their own ways of celebrations. Keeping all these priorities we have provided invitation videos according every religion and their style of performing these beautiful activities. Muslim wedding invitation videos are one them and made up in exhorbant designs showing Islamic religion. We give superior quality Muslim wedding invitation videos for nikaah.

Custom wedding invitation videos

Wedding ceremonies serve several purposes and they are often a cherished moment in a couple’s history. A wedding ceremony is often utilized as a public display of marriage vows and of the couple entering into the marital contract. For many couples, the focus of the wedding ceremony, is on their commitment and love for each other.

Importantly, the customs and rituals being performed on marriages are very vital for considering the main parts of marriage. We know you’re one of a kind, and so are our custom wedding invitations.

Your wedding vision is taking shape – now give your guests a glimpse into what awaits with a custom wedding invitation. We design the jaw dropping personalized custom wedding invitation videos. We have options for every wedding theme, from rustic to elegant.

Indian wedding invitation video

With over 500 languages and 6,000 dialects, the diverse cultures and religions of India shape today’s wedding ceremonies and so Indian weddings vary based on their region of origin. Many different rituals that are part of an Indian wedding ceremony also can take place over several days.

Traditional weddings have their own significance in Indian culture. It includes many rituals and customs those are being performed during marriage ceremony. So, we have myriad of videos depicting Indian culture named as Indianwedding invitation videos.  Read More

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