Cool places to visit in New Hampshire

A beautiful farm in New Hampshire.

For a newcomer, it may seem that there is not much to see in New Hampshire. After all, there are no world-famous skyscrapers here nor are there any legendary monuments for you to take pictures with. But, that doesn’t mean that there is nothing to see here. From beautiful mountain tops to haunting forests, New Hampshire is full of sights that will bring joy to any nature lover. Plus, there are some historical places and buildings that will take you back and help you appreciate the lives of our forefathers. The more you look into it the more you will see that there are numerous cool places to visit in New Hampshire. So, let’s not waste time, and look into some of them.

Our pick of places to visit in New Hampshire

Fall Experience

There are many different ways in which you can organize a road trip to New Hampshire. You can opt for visiting it during the summer and having a swim in one of its beaches. Or, you can go there during the winter and enjoy skiing and Mt. Washington. But, what we would advise you to visit is New Hampshire during the early fall. Especially if you do not have much time to spend there. As you will see, New Hampshire is truly gorgeous during the early days of fall. The golden and red leaves are everywhere and they make for some quite stunning views. You can follow Connecticut River and experience the beauty of fall in New Hampshire in many different settings.

A tree with golden leaves in New Hampshire.
Our favorite time for visiting New Hampshire is during the fall.

Mt. Washington and Cog Railway

But, if you have more time to spend, there are other places to visit in New Hampshire that are quite stunning. The first thing any local will tell you is that you should head to the top of Mt. Washington. The mountain often has sudden weather changes. But, with a bit of luck, you should be able to get to the top of it when it is clear. If you manage to do so, you will experience a view that spans over four different states. You can opt to climb to the top of Mt. Washington via hiking trails, or you can choose to take Cog Railway. We advise you to go on the railway, as it is an interesting experience in itself.

Mt. Washington and Ski Resorts

If you chose to explore New Hampshire during the winter, we don’t advise you to attempt hiking up Mt. Washington. Instead, you should enjoy the skiing options that Mt. Washington provides. There are six ski resorts on Mt. Washington and they provide state of the art ski services to their visitors. Besides skiing, you can nordic ski, snowboard, dogsled, and ice skate. And, if you don’t feel like enjoying snow sports, you can head on to North Conway and do a bit of shopping at the New Englands largest concentration of outlet stores. Or, you can play some indoor sports at one of Mt. Washington sports facilities.

Hampton Beach

Since there are such beautiful places to visit in New Hampshire during the winter and fall, you might feel that visiting it during the summer would be a mistake. Well, it wouldn’t. That is if you are wise enough to head to Hampton Beach. Even though it is not large, it is still one of the favorite places for families in New Hampshire. There are numerous live concerts, film events, and fireworks organized here so that the whole family can enjoy these events. Or, you can head to the more peaceful parts of the beach by yourself and do a bit of deep yoga. There is something for everyone here, which is why you simply must visit Hampton Beach while you’re in New Hampshire.

Hampton beach.
Beaches are one of the best places to visit in New Hampshire.

Woodman Institute and Garrison House

Some of you might be interested in the more historical places to visit in New Hampshire. Well, if that is the case, then you need to head to Dover and visit the Woodman Institute and the Garrison House. Woodman Institue, build in 1818, is a rich treasury of local history. Here you will find artifacts ranging from local Indian tribes to memorabilia from WWII. Along with the institute, you will be able to visit the William Damm Garrison House, built in 1675. This is the last surviving colonial garrison house. Visiting it is like going back in time. Historians have completely furnished it with historical artifacts and household equipment.

Besides the historical places, Dover is actually quite nice. This quiet down is being developed quite nicely, which is why a lot of people are taking advantage of the fact that Dover offers professional relocation assistance, and are consequently moving here. And honestly, once you see the beauty of New Hampshire, we wouldn’t be surprised if you do the same.

Lake Winnipesaukee

Another way of enjoying late summer and early autumn in New Hampshire is by visiting Lake Winnipesaukee. Here you can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities. From water-related activities like riding sailboats and kayaks to enjoying regular sports like riding bicycles and throwing frisbees around. You can take your family on a cruise ship and learn about the local wildlife and nature. And, once you are finished with the activities, you can grab a bit to eat at the local shops and enjoy the rest of the day. All in all, spending a day or two at Lake Winnipesaukee is a great way to experience New Hampshire and make some family memories.

Lakes as one of the best places to visit in New Hampshire.
Lakes in New Hampshire can be quite beautiful.

Mt. Monadnock

Let’s finish our list with the worlds most climbed mountain. The reason why people climb it so much is because it is not difficult to climb and it is quite beautiful. Guided tours will take to the top, or you can choose to climb it by yourself. There are numerous trails that you can take to the top. And, once you get there, the view is unobstructed, wide-ranging and easily a candidate for one of the most beautiful views in the US.

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