Buy Gold and Silver Coins from Lucius Precious Metals (LPM)

Lucius Precious Metals is one of the largest and most trusted Precious Metal Retailers in Asia. Located in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central Financial District, we have been providing premier Precious Metal Retail services to Gold and Silver investors for more than six years. We carry a wide range of products including – but not limited to – popular, newly released gold bullion, silver coins and certified coins, and every latest and most innovative related collectibles.

We take pride in the fact that we don’t burden you with any hidden fees, which makes us a great choice to buy gold coins and bullion from. We know that precious metals are popular physical assets to invest in during times of inflation and financial uncertainty – it always has been throughout history. Thus we put extra effort into making this option more convenient for you – instead of going to banks or local dealers to buy silver coins and gold bullion from, you can see the best options for you around the world with just a few clicks of you mouse. Our vast live inventory is escorted with industry leading prices, live price updates, and transparent buy back prices. We ensure that there are no hidden fees or commissions you have to pay, which makes us a premier Precious Metal retailer to buy gold coins and silver coins from.

In addition, we guarantee authenticity, reliability, and quality of our products. We have direct distribution agreements with the most trusted national mints in the world, and our coins come directly from mints in unopened, brand new, sealed tubes, while our bars ship fresh from the mint/LBMA accredited refineries. Our wholesale volume and purchasing power enables us to allow our clients to make significant savings when they buy gold coins, silver bullion and certified coins.

Some national mints we have a direct professional distributorship with include the Royal British Mint, The Australian Perth Mint, The Central Bank of Mexico, and Austrian Mint, among others. This provides reliability to not only clients looking to buy silver coins and gold bullion, but also primary distributors and attributed companies looking to strike a distributorship with a credible company who will value their privacy and security.

In short, Lucius Precious Metals is one of your best choices to Buy silver coins and bullion, silver coins and bullion, and certified coins from. We ensure authenticity and reliability, have direct professional distributorship with the most trusted national mints in the world, and charge no hidden fees. For more information, you can visit our website, or give us a call on (852) 3568 6834.


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