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Modern workforces have to deal with oceans of data on a daily basis and with good reason. The need to always stay ahead of the competition and be aware of what goes on in the industry has forced businesses to embrace various business intelligence technologies. As of today, regardless of size and industry, many businesses are engaged in figuring out new ways of playing with the data at their disposal. And more than anything, the one thing which they have always focused on is integrating the data collected from various sources. Known as data warehousing, the process allows businesses to store all of the internal and external data into a single location so that they can conveniently use it later for OLAP (online analytical processing).

However, data integration requires one to use certain tools. Infosphere DataStage, a component of the IBM Infosphere Information Server, is a powerful integration platform that makes all of this possible. We guarantee that by implementing this tool and investing in the DataStage training classes offered by ExistBI, you can definitely gain a competitive edge in terms of data collection and integration.

In this article, we will discuss exactly what Infosphere DataStage can do for you and how the trainers of ExistBI can help you gain absolute command over the software. Let’s begin:

What DataStage Can Do for You

There are many features of Infosphere DataStage that set it apart from other ETL platforms. For starters, DataStage provides users with the ability to get creative with their integration solutions via graphical notation. By doing so, enterprises can easily transfer data from sources (both internal and external) to target systems. To summarize everything, by using this platform, you can do the following effectively:

  • Make data flows that take data from sources, transform it, and then deliver it to the target (data warehouses, data marts, etc.).
  • Integrate with the enterprise’s applications to ensure accuracy and relevancy.
  • Save time with the help of pre-existing functions.

Why Choose DataStage Training Classes by ExistBI

Here are the reasons that make ExistBI’s trainers stand out from the rest:

  • We Are Highly Experienced in Delivering Training

Over the years, ExistBI has had the pleasure of training various professionals and corporations in the art of using the various components of the IBM Infosphere Information Server, including DataStage, effectively. We are well versed in the best training practices and do all that we can to make the overall experience a pleasant one for you.

  • We Provide Fit-For-Purpose Training

Another thing which makes our training classes so special is the fact that we provide fit-for-purpose training. What this simply means is that we structure the entire course according to the individual needs of the trainees.

  • We Have an Official Partnership with IBM

Finally, ExistBI boasts an official partnership with IBM, which means that we are always aware of the hottest trends and the latest changes, allowing us to tweak our curriculum accordingly.

To Conclude…

Make the right choice and invest in our training classes on IBM Infosphere Datastage and become a wizard of ETL! If you’d like to get a better idea of our training, watch this video on one of our case studies:


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