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Let’s face it: The terms “big data” and “business intelligence” are thrown around in conversations by people who do not fully understand their absolute magnitude. For some people, “big data” is the large volumes of data generated and managed by organizations on a daily basis, whereas “business intelligence” is the processes involved in mining, managing, and understanding that data. The only problem with these concepts is that they are incomplete. Most people tend to forget to include all of the technologies and relevant tools which are utilized by enterprises to make all of it happen in their definitions! What this simply means is that, without the appropriate tools, your organization cannot fully utilize the true potential of business intelligence. Such tools are offered by SAP BusinessObjects, a software company focused on data integration, reporting, and analytics solutions. Owing to the incredible benefits that it has to offer to managers, the demand for SAP BusinessObjects Training classes is on the rise.

At ExistBI, amongst many other classes, we offer training for this particular platform. We understand the importance of the BI solutions offered by SAP BusinessObjects and, therefore, offer the latest, tailored courses to workforces and individuals alike, so that they can get in full control of their data. In this article, we will discuss the key benefits and features of SAP BusinessObjects and how ExistBI can help you in mastering them.

SAP BusinessObjects – What’s Under the Hood?

In the beginning, we would like to clarify again that SAP BusinessObjects is the name of a software company that provides many BI solutions. Their diverse BI suite consists of different components with different functions including ad-hoc queries, operational reporting, dash boarding, data integration and exploration, and much more! The suite offers the following amazing benefits:

  • Autonomous Operations SAP BO provides simplified usability which enables all the departments to carry out their BI-related tasks without requiring any additional help from technical personnel.
  • User-Friendly Interface – The drag-and-drop capabilities of the interface don’t require the users to be tech-savvy.
  • Smooth Data Integration – Integrate data collected from different sources with ease.
  • Ease of Access – Authorized users can access data anytime, anywhere, without any problem.
  • Integrates with Office – The platform easily merges with the Microsoft Office Suite.

Why Opt for ExistBI’s SAP BusinessObjects Training Classes

Now, without further ado, let us discuss what makes ExistBI’s training classes on SAP BO so special.

  • Study Fit-for-Purpose and Vendor-Recommended Curriculum

At ExistBI, we strongly believe in keeping ourselves and our trainers up to date with the latest trends in the domain of business intelligence. This is why, during our training classes on SAP BusinessObjects solutions, we follow a vendor-recommended curriculum and even tailor it to your organizational goals.

  • Our Trainers Are SAP-Certified

Another major reason to choose ExistBI is that all of our trainers are SAP-certified professionals. This means that they have the knowledge, skills, and over 10 years of training experience needed to make you a true SAP BO expert.

  • Learn Everything in a Classroom Environment

Our experts focus on providing a comfortable classroom environment to the trainees and giving them hands-on experience by making them work on real-life problems.

Take-Home Message

There is no shred of doubt that mastering the SAP BusinessObjects suite can help you take full advantage of BI analytics. Let the expert trainers of ExistBI help you in that regard! Visit our official YouTube channel to learn more about our training classes:



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