Answers to Common Questions by Aussies About Beauty-Related Courses

Beauty-Related Courses

So, you want to be part of the growing beauty industry in Australia? Nobody can blame you because a career in this industry is undeniably practical and ideal. There are many job opportunities and the future is bright for up-and-coming professionals. Unlike other industries, the beauty sector is still developing, which means more opportunities are waiting for aspiring beauty professionals.

I want to work in the beauty industry, what should I do?

In order to break into the world of beauty therapy, you must first establish yourself as a student. Forms of beauty therapy like massage, nail art, makeup, laser hair removal, skin treatment, and hairstyling require specific set of skills that are only learned at beauty schools. Hence, if you want to start a career in this industry, you must first take up beauty courses of your choice. There are different courses offered at beauty schools, such as make up courses, hairdressing courses, barbering courses, and nail tech courses. Choosing the one that you are really passionate about is important.


I can’t afford to study at a beauty school, what are my options?

Beauty courses can be quite expensive depending on several factors including prestige, faculty, and location. In case you have limited resources to enroll at a beauty school, you may want to apply for VET FEE HELP grant. This government program aims to provide financial assistance to students taking up tertiary vocational courses. If you meet the requirements for VET FEE HELP and you get accepted into the program-grant, look for a school that accepts students with such grant.

Will my beauty courses certification ensure a career in the industry?

Stellar beauty school credentials are not enough to ensure you of a good position in the industry. Keep in mind that the beauty industry in Australia is competitive since it is drastically improving. This means established businesses hire the best talents in the job market. Hence, if you want to be an in-demand applicant, you have to improve your CV, and you can do this by increasing your experience and exposure in the industry. Apply for apprenticeship position first so you can improve your skills and learn more from more experienced professionals.

How much is the average salary of a beauty therapist in Australia?

There are several factors that make up a beauty therapist’s salary, including years of experience, location of the workplace, and hours and days worked. According to a survey, the salary of a beauty therapist with five years of experience in the industry can play around $18 to $24. While not incredibly high, beauty therapists are clearly earning more than other professions in the country. This average salary tends to even shoot up when tips are included.

Is it stable career?

Since the beauty industry is still developing, you can expect to have a stable and secure position in the industry once you are employed. It is projected that beauty therapists are likely to earn more in the future as the demand grow further. Additionally, career growth is certain as you can climb up the career ladder when you get the experience and skills necessary. Seasoned beauty therapists tend to open their own businesses or become employed at larger companies.

Establishing a career in the beauty industry starts with education and training. If you want to become a successful beauty therapist, you should invest on education by taking makeup courses, barbering courses, nail tech courses, or hairdressing courses. Additionally, you should know that you need to have years of experience in order to have an easier time getting employed, so working as an apprentice or trainee once you finish your vocational courses is certainly recommended.

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