A Complete Guide On WordPress Rich Snipts


If you are eager to know much more about WordPress rich snippets, then you must read this article, on the whole, if you were facing any kind of problem, in this know I will sure you that everything will become alright and you will also outcome these shortcomings.


What is WordPress rich snippet? In order to understand everything about it, we must be aware of the normal snippet. It is basically a result which Google shows to the users in the search engine result page. As we know that the google shows the title in blue color, the URL in green and the description shows what the page is about, all these things are called snippets.

But when we will talk about  WordPress rich snippets, it means that we add something more to normal snippet like in the above result.

Rich snippets can be split into several commodities as mentioned below:








>Business & organizations

>Software Applications…

Rich snippets help site owners in a different way to communicate with search engines. Structured data helps search engine to see the content on your website while as WordPress rich snippets are used to add more information in search results. which helps to create listing more noticeable and gain more organic traffic for your WordPress website. It also authorizes your niche due to more visibility in search.


Rich snippets are HTML codes inserted in front of every element in the form of an ID which provides signals to Google that this code snippet is a piece of information. After this structured data markups increase the understanding of the main content of a website on google or other search engines.

Now the question is how can we add this rich snippet in our site?



For this purpose, you have to install the All In One Schema.Org Rich Snippets Plugin’ and then activate it. As you know there are many WordPress Plugins which helps you to add rich snippets to your WordPress posts.

After its activation, you just click the Rich Snippets menu icon in the sidebar to continue…aio-richsnippets

You will be able to view various content types that you can create the plugin as shown above.

 Now just below the post edit in a new meta box labeled configure Rich snippet inside which you will see a drop-down menu. Now you will select content type for your new post in which you will work. eg article, event, product etc.that article will be displayed on rich snippet field. After this, it will show us different things like this.


You can also change it to any type in the same way.

Now the question is that how can you add rich snippets manually in WordPress?

Rich Snippet or structured data markup can be written in three different vocabularies like Microdata, RDFa, and JSON-LD. You can use any of them but I would like to suggest RDFa to beginners. Here are few examples, normally the text of the page will look like this:-



<img src=”Shahbaz.jpg” alt=”Photo of shahbaz”/>

Support Technician

342 Acme Inc.

101 Noida Avenue

Eagleton IN 98052

(425) 123-4567

<a href=”mailto:shahbaz@example.com”>shahbaz@example.com</a>


<a href=”http://www.example.com”>example.com</a>


 >>Another eg. of recipe with rich snippets are as follows:-


















<div vocab=”http://schema.org/” typeof=”Recipe”>

 <span property=”name”>Mom’s World Famous Banana Bread</span>

 By <span property=”author”>shahbaz</span>,

   <img property=”image” src=”bananabread.jpg”

   alt=”Banana bread on a plate” />

 <span property=”description”>This classic banana bread recipe comes

 from my mom — the walnuts add a nice texture and flavor to the banana


 Prep Time: <meta property=”prepTime” content=”PT15M”>15 minutes

 Cook time: <meta property=”cookTime” content=”PT1H”>1 hour

 Yield: <span property=”recipeYield”>1 loaf</span>


 – <span property=”recipeIngredient”>3 or 4 ripe bananas, smashed</span>

 – <span property=”recipeIngredient”>1 egg</span>

 – <span property=”recipeIngredient”>3/4 cup of sugar</span>



 <span property=”recipeInstructions”>

 Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Mix in the ingredients in a bowl. Add

 the flour last. Pour the mixture and bake it for 55 minutes.



But for its better understanding, you must be aware of HTML. If you require to add recipes manually then you will use a text editor. You may also go to Google’s Developer resource on structured data to understand the properties required for a content type.

Then you need to test your rich snippets as search engines may not pick your snippets immediately. for this you will visit Google’s Structured Data Testing tool, then you will enter your URL and click on validate button so that tool will review your markup.


hope that this article was useful to understand you to use rich snippets on your WordPress site. if you want to learn anything more about this and other topics related to it.then you can ask me by commenting below. You can also share this with your friends.


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