8 do’s and don’ts for women wearing formal attire

Are you obsessed with formal attire? Is your all-time favorite dress formal attire for most occasions? Then you are exactly where you need to be to know every tip on how you can flaunt your formal dress with full elegance and style it according to any event.

The formal attire is currently in demand but with right tips, you can rock your formal look at every party, functions or occasions. The most famous formal dresses are medium length formal dresses that are suitable for any occasion.

The below are the do’s and don’ts for the formal attire that women wear. You can follow these to stand out from others.


  • Watch your hemline- See you hemline and make it flowy or princess cut to make it work. Any dresses can work out with attractive hemlines.
  • Wear midi sized attires- This is a perfect one as a formal dress that one can prefer and it comes in various ranges. If you are uncomfortable with short dresses then go for midi sized dresses as it looks both appealing and subtle.

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  • Wear trousers- The trousers or pantsuits look chic when paired with a blouse. In addition to this, wear an accessory that compliments the look.
  • Go with a perfect clutch- A clutch is the best option that goes best with a cocktail dress as it makes a statement.
  • Platforms or heels- The heels or wedges enhance the silhouette that perfectly suits you.
  • Go with a single statement piece- A single statement with a cocktail dress looks appealing and attractive. Go with only one accessory at a time that best compliments.
  • Choose stick on bras or strapless- The bras must be strapless or stick on as it looks good when you wear a tricky neckline dress. This will not make the look uneasy.


  • Ignore skimpy dresses- Do not wear a transparent or see-through dress that gets unwanted attention.
  • Huge gowns- Huge gowns are a big no as it is best suited for Cinderella moments. The gown especially that trails out must not be considered.
  • Wear jeans- The jeans are not suited for any cocktail party even if it comfortable as it not at all formal clothing.

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  • Use huge bags- Do not think of having it with a formal dress as it does not suit in a cocktail party.
  • Flip-flops- The flip-flops or flats are not suitable or rather not considered for any parties.
  • Overboard with accessories- The accessories if gone overboard then complicates and looks sloppy with a cocktail dress.
  • Showing undergarments- Whatever you dress to wear, showing undergarments is not cool. It will make you uneasy at times. Any party is not a place where you can show your undergarments.

The above are the tips that you can consider to look at your best. The ladies currently prefer medium length formal dresses as they are trending and look subtle and soothing in any occasion. Hence, it is advisable to try some of the above tips to make your every day beautiful with this attire.

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