7 Things You Should Never Do to Your Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is one of the best technological innovations, which if maintained properly, can make your task of keeping the surroundings perfectly clean. This guest post is aimed at educating the readers on things that you should never vacuum in order to enhance the longevity of your appliance.

Making use of a vacuum cleaner to keep the surroundings clean is a smart decision. There are various vacuum cleaner brands in the market – all aimed at sucking away the dust, dirt, allergens, pet dander and microbes from your surroundings, making it clean and fresh. This versatile appliance helps in cleaning in multiple ways, but there are things that you should not attempt with even the best vacuum cleaner or else it will turn into a mess itself.

Here are a few things that you should never attempt with any vacuum cleaner.

Running an Overfilled Vacuum Cleaner

The dirt and dust that is sucked by the vacuum cleaner get locked in a dust chamber. These bins have a specific capacity to hold dust beyond which you need to empty out the chamber. If you fail to do so, not only does the performance of the machine gets affected, but there’s also a risk of overheating and the machine getting damaged. If you find that the suction power of your machine is not at its optimum level, do check the dust chamber.

Hard Objects

Your machine is meant for cleaning dust and dirt, so don’t use it for picking up hard things lying on the floor. If you intend to use it to pick things like penny or pebble that you feel lazy to bend and pick, then you are asking for trouble. It might get stuck in the areas inside the appliance causing damage to the machine.


If you are using a regular or dry vacuum cleaner, then you should never attempt to use it for sucking up any spilt liquid. Only the dry/wet vacuum cleaners are designed for it. Any attempt made otherwise will risk damaging the electrical parts. Even if the machine somehow escapes from getting ruined, emptying the dust bag after that will be a difficult and messy job.


Never ever try to pick up glass pieces using your vacuum cleaner. It can rip the bag or tear the hose or can even get stuck and scratch the interiors of the appliance. If you try to do this with your vacuum cleaner, it could end up to be a very costly affair to fix it up.


If you ever try to suck up your spilt body lotion or nail paint, you will create a bigger mess as it will smear and melt inside your machine.

Fireplace Ash

You might be tempted to clean up the fireplace ash with your regular household vacuum, but better stay away from any such temptation. These ash particles are very fine and the regular machine is not designed to suck them up.

Garden Waste

The dead and dried leaves and flowers should never be picked up using a vacuum cleaner. These can possibly clog the pipes leading to messing up with your machine.

Vacuums are your best mates when it comes to cleaning, but they too have their limitations. One should respect those limitations for them to work for years without causing any trouble.

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