5 Ways Tableau Makes Data Analysis Easier

Tableau has grown in popularity over the years and the reasons are simple and quite visible. Whether you are a data science professional or an entrepreneur with simple data needs Tableau can be useful and in some cases life changing. Let us go straight into the reasons that make Tableau special for such a wide array of users.

Tableau has democratized data analysis

Tableau comes with a simple user interface and easily understandable functionalities. Therefore it is easy to learn and apply Tableau for a regular person without any knowledge of coding or deep understanding of statistical models. But even if you are a champion in statistical analysis and building machine learning algorithms, you will still love Tableau because of the sheer charm as a data visualization tool.

What keeps Tableau ahead of the curve is the fact that you can do a lot with Tableau training alone. You may import large data sets, apply filters, and incorporate attractive and interactive charts. Whether you are a journalist or a financial consultant you must be dealing with a lot of data and Tableau gives your data the best expression imaginable.

Data visualization demands a separate paragraph

Whatever may your field be, you cannot excel without involving data. And if you are making a presentation you cannot have it go blandly over the heads of the stakeholders. Your presentation should strike hard and stick well in their minds. You can achieve it with Tableau without having wasted a lot of your precious time on picking and choosing the format. Tableau training enables you to apply charts, tables, markers, histograms, and calculations that help you not only to make your presentation look better but also to make it more informative and insightful.

Tableau is built to suit your needs

If you are an individual user trying to streamline the data for your personal business Tableau desktop is designed for you. You can own it and keep it on your personal computer. This is focused towards data visualization and makes it easy to manage and publish the data sources.

For enterprise wide use Tableau server is a great choice. It has a robust system in place to secure the data. You can import data from various data sources and in various formats. The data can be accessed from different devices by employees of the enterprise.

The interactive dashboards

The best part about the Tableau dash board is that it can be accessed and modified remotely by the stake holders by applying simple drag and drop. Tableau has taken interactive presentation to an elevated level. This is why it has come to become a favourite of the executive bodies of companies.

Finally, the integration of other tools

You can use Tableau to pull data from more advanced analytics tools like R and Python with ease. It has efficient features for data extraction and transformation. If you are working on Python or R you can still use Tableau to enhance the data presentation.

Try it for yourself, you will definitely love Tableau. Get trained and leverage its full potential. 

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