5 Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Get Familiar With

With each passing year, we are faced with ever changing marketing trends buzzing about in the marketing world. Unquestionably, the frequently changing marketing trends make the jobs of online marketers interesting – which is what motivates them to mold their marketing tactics to suit their customer’s needs.

However, the underlining question is: Which marketing trend is temporary and which trend is here in for the long shot? 

Here are the 5 hot digital marketing trends everyone needs to get acquainted with:

  • Say Hello To Voice Search!

It is safe to say that our familiarity with cordless devices is growing weaker and weaker by the day. With the rise in cordless devices such as smartphones, it is barely surprising why our laptops and computers have started to accumulate layers of dust.

With the help of voice search, you can now easily command your voice search assistant – such as Siri or Alexa, to search up information for you. The best part is, you can receive information without having to lift a finger to type in the search bar.

The question is, how is voice search impacting digital marketing?

Voice search permits the usage of informal language rather than traditional web language which makes it easier for users to ‘voice in’ a more conversational and informal command. Instead of typing “Best doughnut shop in London” you can simply, and quite briefly, just say “Where can I get doughnuts?”

The GPS embedded in your smartphone will therefore automatically show up the nearest places you can get scrumptious doughnuts from by detecting your current location. This way, you don’t need to type in your location every time you want to find out about something.

A great and important tip for businesses would then be to add their business location on Google Maps in order to gain recognition. And if you are a local business, you have more chances of being detected on your customer’s radar.

  • ChatBots

As a business, the last thing you want to deal with is angry and impatient customers. In the day and age of living in an instant gratification seeking society, customers are bound to lose patience when dealing with late deliveries and payment mishaps.

To avoid such complications or worse, to avoid losing loyal customers – we highly recommend investing in Chatbots.

Chatbots are artificially programmed chat robots which mimic the conversations of human and thus, are excellent in providing instant customer support.  Now, don’t get us wrong – Chatbots are not specialized in carrying out fully fledged human conversations. Rather they are simply there to provide basic conversational support to customers.

The good thing about Chatbots is that are easy to personalize and program which means you can get them to do the following:

  • Answer customer inquiries
  • Tackling customer’s complaints
  • Providing additional tools to assist customers on their way around the website

A good example of businesses that use this trend are essay writing services. They have chat bots on their home pages through which potential clients can reach out to them.

  • Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the most sought out tools used by marketers to produce engaging and entertaining content.

It is commonly known that any product that is visually illustrated, tends to gather more attraction and ignites the urge to possess that item. On the contrary, this urge would not exist as strongly, if the product’s description was orally described.

In fact, more than 90% of customers have reported to say that video marketing has aided them in their purchasing decisions. It is then no wonder why a multitude of companies across the globe are investing in video marketing.

Businesses are exhausting their means by hiring the most skilled graphic designers and videographers to kick their video marketing game up a notch.

And naturally, marketing products via video graphics makes complete sense doesn’t it? The human mind is capable of only a short attention span – which is why we could watch several short videos, but can never gather the mental strength to read a long article.

  • Get Into Personalization

To stand out from the large crowd of competitors, you should invest your time and energy in creating personalized messages. These personalized offerings will distinguish you from your rivals and help your customers locate your products and services with ease and speed.

The more frequently you upgrade your personalized services, the better chance you have in satisfying your customer’s ever changing needs. Your ability to personalize your content will surely give you the upper hand in your industry as well as a competitive advantage.

The trick is, you want to stay alert with the current marketing strategies occurring in the market. Why? You may ask – to safeguard yourself from losing your upcoming and previous customers to your rivals.

  • Micro-moments

With our short attention span drastically declining in the age of immediate transactions and results, customers want to be given quick solutions and answers to their problems.

For this reason, businesses must be equipped with micro-moments to better serve their customers every time. These micro-moments include:

  • Knowing moments
  • Doing moments
  • Going to moments
  • And lastly, buying moments

Therefore, personalizing content and using it to advertise your targeted customers is the way forward in capturing their attention without delay.

This means, you have to be present where they are present. A good example is Facebook posts and comments – businesses go out of their way to instantly reply to customer feedback and personalize messages to cater to their concerns. This way, customers are convinced business care to craft replies according to their needs and don’t take the easy route – by slapping on the same reply to every comment.

End Note

Businesses always face the challenge to make constant changes in their strategies to fit in the marketing community and not be a marketing outcast. Keeping this in mind, businesses needs to adapt to the latest technologies and marketing strategies to gain and maintain a competitive advantage over their competitors.

It is not easy, we agree – but is it worth all the hassle and back-breaking efforts? Absolutely! Let us know which digital marketing trends played an important role in helping your business reach its success. Which trends did you find useful and which trends have you thought to be nothing but a waste of time? Comment your opinions in the comment section below!

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