3 Ways Men Can Get Rid of Oily Skin

If your face looks oily even after you wash it, then you definitely could have an oily skin type. Many men do have oily skin, which is more punctuated due to the constant pollution and other external elements which their skin gets exposed to. But there are ways men can clear their oily skin.

Why men have oily skin?

There are sebaceous glands, which are present underneath your skin. These are the glands which are tasked with protecting your skin with sebum that is natural lubrication. This is something normal. But along with this, men also have another hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in them. This hormone works to form the building blocks of what basically makes you a man. But if DHT is produced in a higher quantity then it can leave your skin oily and greasy. But you don’t need to worry as oilier skin actually ages better than dry skin.

Ways to treat and prevent oily skin in men


If you want to clean your face, then using a face wash once in the morning and then once before you go off to bed is advisable. The best face wash for oily skin involves using natural ingredients like tomatoes, cucumber, yogurt, lemon and such. But you should be careful to not wash your skin too much because this can dry out this skin excessively. Moreover, it can also cause breakouts or even result in the one thing you don’t want- excess oil production. Remember that your skin has a set point of the oil, which is needed to maintain homeostasis as well as the pH balance. So drying out your skin will simply send the oil production into overdrive so that your skin can get back to its natural state.

Tip: Don’t use soap or salicylic acid products on your skin. The ingredients present in these face washes will cause irritation by excessively drying out your face. As said, try to use products made with natural ingredients.

Scrub (Exfoliate)

You should exfoliate your skin once or twice a week by using a face scrub which can remove dead cells and other forms of build up due to the overactive sebaceous glands. But you should be careful while scrubbing as overdoing it can result in over-drying and also excessive oil. Men with oily skin do need to be careful with their skin since it’s similar to having sensitive skin.


This might raise some eyebrows, but even if you have oily skin, you still need to moisturize. If you don’t moisturize your skin then your skin will simply create extra oil as another layer of protection. Keep in mind that moisturizing and oil production aren’t the same. You should use an oil-free face moisturizer once a day. You can apply it either before going to bed or at the start of the day. If you are looking for the best moisturizer that works for men with oily skin, then choose the one which is lightweight and doesn’t sit on the skin. It should sink into it. Along with this, an efficient face moisturizer will give your skin the needed ingredients which will keep it looking fresh and energized.

Extra tips

While the above three are the most important, there are some extra steps you can follow to reduce oil production:

  • Consume a diet which is high in vegetables and fruits. Make sure that you currently back on processed and fried foods. Eat lemons and kiwi, both of them can fight acne and will also help you in balancing your skin tone.
  • Put a cotton ball in witch hazel and let it soak. Then dab it on your face a couple of times a day for around three weeks. The tannins which are present in witch hazel will surely tighten up your skin pores.

These steps and tips will reduce the oiliness of your skin considerably and you will surely get to see results after repeated use.

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