10 rules for a creative life.

Life is not the name of breathing, eating and surviving each day. It is the name of enjoying life and all that makes life interesting. You can make your life interesting by being creative. Creativity adds color to life and makes it more interesting. You cannot live a routine life that follows the same pattern over and over again. It gets extremely boring and tiring. You loose the element of fun in your life and start behaving like a zombie. Creativity is extremely crucial in your life and can make your life much better than it is. Being creative in thing you do can prove to be a challenging task and there are many factors that may pull you down. It takes a lot of effort in writing a novel or painting a mural. It may not be as easy as it seems, you cannot just start writing as soon as you pick up your pen or paint when you pick up a paint brush. A lot though, energy and creativity goes into creating something. It’s very easy to loose creativity but difficult to gain it. You can nurture your creativity using different rules that you must incorporate in your life. Here are 10 rules you can use to live a creative life.

1) Figure out what makes your creative juices run, inspiration is the biggest way to produce creative things. If something doesn’t inspire you then try to exclude them from your life and hunt for things that do. If something lights a flicker of inspiration in you then don’t let it go and lust after it. Dig further and try to find more and more inspiration so that you can harness it to create your master pieces. But be careful we’re not asking you to completely delete every boring thing from your life. There are still somethings that you must do in order to sustain a life such as doing the laundry or cooking a meal.

2) Mistakes are not mistakes. When you are creating forget about making a mistake as there are no mistakes when you are creating a piece of art. Go beyond the box and forget about all boundaries. You are not solving a math equation that demands you to follow rules and steps. You need to stop worrying about making a mistake and start worrying about not making one. Mistakes are probably the history of many successful inventions and even famous art pieces that were thought of as a mistake. Don’t spend your life in the fear of always doing the right thing, give yourself space to explore and make mistakes so you can learn from them.

3) Be curious. Curiosity is a symbol of intelligence. People who are creative find the world very inspirational. They want to find the reason behind everything. They want to get to the root of things and this brings them face to face with many things that may inspire them. Children are one the most creative being on the surface on earth and you can see how curious they are, they’ll eat your ears off by asking you a trillion questions. If you have questions in your mind, pursue them and try your hardest to get the answer the whole process may bring you a lot of inspiration, if not that then you’ll most definitely get the experience.

4) Don’t wait for a particular time to be creative. There is no perfect time to show your creativity. Creativity does not arrive on a scheduled time. It come to your mind when you are in the middle of things. Do it then. Right there and then. If you delay it and wait for a more suitable time then you’ll loose your creativity. If you don’t have the time or place to be creative then you can do one thing. Make small notes on a notepad about the idea that came to you and you can revisit it as soon as you find time. Do not keep delaying it or you’ll kill the idea entirely.

5) Always take all you projects to the finishing line. The worst thing you can do is to isolate your project before completing it. Even If you feel like you don’t know what you are doing or whatever you’re doing is right or wrong you must not stop. Keep doing what you are doing, even if it is substandard you can improve on it later. This will help you develop a habit of meeting ends and completing things will give you a sense of accomplishment and will motivate you to move onto your next big thing.

6) Don’t be a dictator in your life. Being too hard in your life will get you nowhere and will only make your efforts turn sour. Give yourself, time and space. Creativity is not something that flows in waves, it is possible that you are not creative all the time. During such periods take a break and reboot yourself. Enjoy things that inspire you. Watch a movie or read a book. Do whatever relaxes you.

7) Do not compare yourself to others around you. You are you and your levels of creativity do not match with others. When you compare your work with others you are only being unfair to yourself. Comparing will do you no good and you will start believing that what you create holds no place in front of what others do. However that’s not the case, everyone is individual and have different styles that doesn’t make your work less creative or of less quality.

8) Do not fear rejection. There are going to be people who will not like your work at all. But you have to face it. Your work cannot please everyone who walks the earth’s surface. People have different likes and dislikes not everyone is the same. So it is very unlikely that everyone is going to like what you produce and will appreciate you accordingly. Accept this fact and move on. Keep working with the same zeal and don’t be demotivated.

9) Make it a learning experience. Do not just do everything to monetize it. Money is not the only thing in life. There are many other things that are equally important. Do things to gain experience, be a knowledge seeker. Try to learn as much as you can. The more learned you are the more successful you’ll be in your life and career. The worlds your stage. There are so many things that are yet to be explored. Be an explorer and explore the world. Use it as your muse.

10) Enjoy yourself. Remember creativity is your passion, do not think of it as your job or responsibility. Think of it as a relaxant, do it because it brings you mental peace. If you don’t find mental peace in it then stop doing it. It is not cut out for you. You can only do that what brings joy to your life. Don’t burden yourself by making it as a job or a responsibility. When you attach pressure to it you loose creativity. Have fun in your life and creativity will make its way to you. If you are not creative and lack in creative skills then don’t waste your time and efforts. For example there are many students who lack creative writing skills and when they have to write an essay they face a lot of difficulty.

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